Cooking eCourses are here!

I have finally done it!
I have spent the last two years of blogging recipes and food information gained from my background and experience in cooking and catering, as well as cooking for a large and often extended family.
Now at the request of many I have created some Cooking eCourses.

Each course has a beginner and an advanced version, so that you can use them to teach your small or older children or even for yourself.
Each course has lots of useful cooking information, a recipe to prepare, hints and tips, hygiene and safety information as well as pictures and simple instructions.

Each course runs for 10 weekly issues (or a term) and will cover many different aspects of cooking in the process.
There's even a test on the last issue that can be incorporated into a homeschooling classroom situation.

I am releasing these eCourses through this website in a password controlled area. There is a small payment required for the eCourse. Once payment is made you will be given access to the lessons for as long as you need them.
Payment can be made via Paypal, direct deposit.

How much is it?
I have made it as low as possible so as to make it easy as posible to access while still covering my costs.

The fee for the advanced or basic lessons is $6 per term, or $10 for both the advanced and beginner lessons.

Take them now and I will answer any questions you have by email for the whole 10 week period.
Register now!

If you have already registered and want to get access to another course than please email Judith with teh course you want to access. Once payment has been received Judith will give you access to that course.

There is a sample attached - simply follow this link to find the pdf file.
For more details email

All prices in Australian dollars and include GST to Australian residents only.
ABN 79 054 877 398