Lots Of Babies

IMG_2790-smlIMG_2795-sml Tis the season to be merry! Well, it isn’t Christmas yet but there are people rejoicing over the birth of the many babies, or the babies to come. First we had the baby mice (all 11 of them), followed by the guinea pigs (in a previous post). This was followed by the next lot of baby guinea pigs to be born. Soon sloth will become a mama (she looks pretty gravid at the moment which basically means “full of eggs”) and then we will have a lot more babies.

There are quite a few humans people I know that are pregnant also. My sister is just finishing her first trimester, a friend from Ukraine is expecting her 3rd child, one friend just had her 8th baby, another friend is very bumpy and due in a few shorts months time, and I think another friend is in the early stages of her 3rd pregnancy. I could have missed someone out here, so sorry if I did.

All these impending births is exciting, though a little daunting and scary!IMG_2784-sml

The other day I was thinking about the gravid dragon and getting excited, though it wasn’t too long before I was thinking “oh c***” when I realised everything that would be involved, and how many babies could be living under this roof! It is a little daunting, scary and exciting all mixed into one.

Also, it may not only be the dragons that breed, but maybe the sandswimmers, whom I have no idea if they are pregnant or not, let alone if they ever laid eggs in their enclosure. I think if they did, I would need to wait until they hatch, dig up the whole enclosure (about March next year) and, with a fish net, catch and count the off spring, then sell them. (note: the fish net is a great idea since these skinks love to bite and poop on you, at the same time, when you need to handle them).

Oh, there is also the blue tongue skinks in the back yard also.


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