A Herp Family

I am lucky that my family shares my interest in reptiles and even luckier that they will help me to pursue my interests.
It has been just over a year since I acquired my first pets, 4 little central netted dragons. 6 months after that I bought home 2 eastern blue tongue skinks, and now I am hoping to find and purchase some broad-banded/narrow-banded sandswimmer skinks.
Hubby also made me another table so that i can expand and still have room for the home made incubator I hope to use in a few months time.
The dragons are starting to react to the warmer weather and already you can see the redness on their heads start to show through. The males head gets an orangy redness to it when they are coming into breeding season.
This is an exciting time for me.
If they breed successfully, and I manage to incubate the eggs properly then we should, by the new year, or just after, have ourselves some baby dragons. These will then go into the skinks old tank (I bought the skinks a new one today) until they are big enough to be moved around, or until they are sold. I am hoping that I get more females then males in the eggs (should I get any eggs).
The skinks themselves won't be breeding for a while since they are still too young and need at least another 18 months to mature in. They will be easier as they bear live young, though the female may need to be restricted closer to the time.
As for the sandswimmers, well, I only know what I have read in the latest reptile mag since the internet hasn't really any information on them (same as central netteds). I hope I can find some.

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