Happenings Of A Monday

IMG_2796-sml IMG_2798-smlOk, so not everything happened today, but today I am blogging about it.

Today has been a good day.

Firstly I will start off by telling you about last Friday.

Last Friday we tested the gas chamber. You can see the ingredients there to the left and the chambers to the right.

The gas chambers were for the baby mice. 7 baby mice now rest peacefully in my freezer. It was a quick and sudden death and was all over in seconds. However, they did need a quick bath after the experience due to the light shower of vinegar.

Do you know what happens when you put bi-carb into vinegar? Apart from lots of carbon dioxide you get lots of bubbles, almost like an explosion, and if the container is not big enough to house it, then you get vinegar escaping through the tube. I just hope the mice are still palatable for the snakes.

IMG_2801-sml In other news, I finally got around to finishing up E7’s birthday dress.

We didn't use the material I bought for it but some other pretty material we found in my ‘stash’. Yes I have a stash now and I need to sort it out. Time for the kids to have a woodworking lesson while I make a set of shelves for my material. Sounds good to me! Anyhow, the dress has a shirred top, rows of uneven width unfortunately, and a little light cotton jacket. The jacket has a single button to do it up with. (More stuff from my stash). She is happy with it, I am happy with it, and now I still have the other material/bed sheet to do other things with. Maybe another rag rug?

IMG_2804-sml And finally, the best news ever!

See this picture here! Well, that is my female bearded digging herself a nest, a laying site. She had been scrabbling around in her enclosure for a while so I figured I would help her out and move the sand to where she was digging (at the newspaper). Left her to it and then came back to see her excavating the box of sand. We pretty much ignored her for that part but when it was obvious she was laying, we crowded around to watch with excitement. When she was done, and the male was trying to mate her again (literally as soon as she was out of the sand box), we took the sand box out and carefully transferred the eggs to the ready and waiting incubator box.

All in all, she did a good job for her first clutch. 16 eggs in all and only 2 which look somewhat dodgy.


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