A day in my life

My days are becoming busier and busier. More work is getting sent my way, the end of the year is quickly coming up and I am trying to get fit while doing this.

So, my day goes sorta like this

  • Wake up, and wake the kids up (usually by 7.30 but sometimes earlier by a couple of hours)
  • start backups while eating breakfast and checking emails
  • get them moving and myself (breakfast, chores, animals)
  • school starts, supposedly, at 9.30am and is accompanied by starting the laundry
  • between 9.30am and 11.30am encourage elder two to do their school work, remind them they aren’t hungry, do a few chores, finish off backups, sit with #3 and #4 for at least an hour doing their school with them
  • 11.30am is the magic time…lunch break… sometimes the kids forget they are hungry and I need to make them have lunch (after complaining all morning they are hungry), time to do some more work and have lunch, take a half hour break and possibly start another load of laundry
  • 1pm and it is back into school for the elder two while finding something to amuse the younger two while I deal with the various reptiles I have, though sometimes this happens during lunch break
  • Not sure where the rest of the time goes but I help the elder with their school work as needed, do jobs around the house, do number crunching for clients, make dolls, run errands for the other half, plan and make dinner.
  • Then comes night times….sometimes they are just as busy as the day times
  • Next year will have to be a year of careful planning and more routine, saying no…it is already getting busy!
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