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Mundane windows

IMG_0132A mundane start to this blog:  Talk about windows.

The long-awaited window has arrived. I’ve been hoping to put a door and window in our kitchen for a few years and had kept my eye out for a second-hand one. I gave up on that thought earlier this year and decided to order one new. I had half-a-thought that I would get it in for Priscilla’s birthday, which we celebrated yesterday, but was tardy on the ordering and it only arrived today. It will change things up well when I do get it in though and the pull will definitely be there to get it in over this next week. I’m surprised…  I’m excited at the thought!

Pris continues the rehab for her back. As I type, we we are in Kiev for a strange procedure that the doctors have suggested we “resort to” on the off chance it may make a difference. (She is having her blood taken and treated so that the red blood cells are removed, then injected back into the places of her back and right side which are seized up.) We trust God and His perfect will and are hoping that it is to use this to give more relief.  (She should be out in about an hour, so I think I’ll have this finished and sent off by then.)

Life continues with regular unexpected experiences. A few days ago, our car served as a livestock transporter. Mitya and I picked up some more goslings for the two guy’s homes in the village and then brought back three sheep to be used as a lawnmower at Tolic and Natasha’s in Rzhyshchiv for the summer. The sheep were by far the trickier and smellier cargo. (Advice: if ever you transport sheep in a car, tie up BOTH front and back hooves.)  And if you just though that you’d never find yourself in that sort of situation, let me know when you’re coming for a visit and we’ll see what we can organize! 

God continues to show grace to the guys in the two rehab homes we have. However, after the last few weeks, it doesn’t feel as if things are going that well for us with the third stage guys. Three different men have been lured away by their weak flesh and the siren call of their old life. I think at least two of these guys are probably a part of God’s family, and if God chooses to show them mercy, there will come a time when they will seek God and His kingdom again. It’s still tough to see this happen though! The disappointment at losing a few guys who we loved is somewhat tempered by the knowledge that there are several men who are giving a lot of glory to God and encouraging us… but still.  I hate the negative goodbyes.

IMG_0129Once a week now, I am going out with one of the guys to talk with people in one of the nearby smaller villages. It’s been several years since I went out specifically and regularly with the intention to share the gospel with people and it’s been wonderful to get back into it. It goes without saying that we don’t do it for the warm fuzzies… but honestly, both of us return home feeling as if we can’t wait for next week!  We are praying that more people get the vision and start doing this in other villages.

We are well recovered from Covid… as is everyone in our church. Interestingly enough, the people who suffered the most were three men who were close to 50… me included. Sergei, “camouflage cap,” was one of the three and is a happy watcher when work is going on.  :)  This covid enemy sapped our strength, took away our sense of taste/smell, and gave us a heavy feeling in our chests as we felt the lack of oxygen. God’s mercy was evident though as none of us needed to go to hospital – something for which I’m deeply thankful.

imageWe’ve come to the end of our first term of taking in kids after school. Numerous people in our church have given of their time and resources to help from 5-7 kids with their homework several days a week and simply spend time with them. Jemi has done an excellent job of organizing everything and it’s definitely been wonderful for these kids. On Saturday, they went to the zoo in Kiev and according to Elle, loved every minute! Most of these children come from homes of local alcoholics and it is our prayer that God use this in their lives to draw them to Himself.

The kindergarten for church littlies has also had a good start. I’m not sure where God will take this ministry, but it will be interesting to see exactly how He plans on using it.

Oh! I meant to add at the end of the last post… “not really 1000 bottles”. Of course, not 1000 bottles!

May God bless you!