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Bundaberg GB in Ukraine

IMG-0008We have lift-off… and are now doing our bit in carrying the little covid-19 virus to other parts of the globe, country, town and neighbourhood.

Last week, I started to feel seedy. On Sunday, it was confirmed when I lost all ability to taste anything, that I had covid, but we went and did a test anyway. The tests revealed that Pris, Elle and I all have it and we’ll miss celebrating Ukrainian Easter with the church as we wait out a quarantine period. We’re in pretty good company, as about 20 people in our church are sick with it right now, (none of us thus far requiring hospitalization). I sure don’t envy those who do hard yards on this virus though. I feel as if I’ve been breathing through a thick blanket for far too long… and I don’t have one of the heavy cases.

An incredibly ironic thing happened this past week. Before she got sick earlier this week, Ellie was in a supermarket in Kiev strolling along an aisle when her eye was caught by a truly astounding sight - Bundaberg Ginger Beer in Kiev! (I got her to buy 1000.) The irony is that for the first time in my 29-odd years of living in Ukraine, were I to open a bottle, I wouldn’t be able to taste it. It will keep.

IMG-0005We have been getting in wood for next year for our home as well as the church building. This truck and trailer got delivered yesterday. Our men will set-to over the next few months sawing and chopping and stacking… and I’m hopeful that we will have enough wood for the whole of next season.

As you can see in the first photo above, we went out for a walk along the cliff-tops on the edge of Rhyshchiv this morning. The comment was given that, “God has truly put us in a beautiful place in which to live!” Spring on the river!!!