Day 12 & 13

What can I say about the 12th day, except that I just forgot to create! It was a busy hectic day, as most Monday's are and when it got to the time of the day when all I wanted to do was sleep, I hadn't created anything. Dinner was just simple packet mix stuff and the kids did most of it while i went to buy sour cream. I did sort through my scraps bag and dispose the too small pieces and sort out what was in there (heaps of usable pieces). I started on my big box of full sized pieces but ended up getting distracted by a game of frisbee out front.
Tuesday, the 13th, I did do some creating. We had activity day which involved speech & drama, art & craft, and sports. Apart from the numerous chats that happened, and always do, I helped E6 and M4 to make their slinky arm/leg creatures. I drew, in pencil the puppy shape and giraffe shape, then I folded up the legs/arms while the kids drew around the pencil shapes and then cut them out. We stuck on the legs and that was it. I haven't taken any photos because I have been a bit snowed under with catch up housework. (We got home, the kids got bathed, had dinner, went to bed, then I worked until hubby got home from footy training and collapsed in front of a little TV while giving and receiving foot rubs)
Today I may get something done, not sure what yet, perhaps some more work on the beardeds winter background. I will let you know later!

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