Rambling : Cold Water Running Hot

If only I could remember the great title I had thought up before bubs yelled for my attention (she is tired but refuses to sleep and I haven't set up her cot back in the nursery). Well, she is still sick, spotty and grumpy, while eating little amounts and not really knowing what she wants. One good thing though, she isn't too big a fan on lollies during this bought of sickness. She prefers watermelon, cherries (real ones) and grapes. She is currently going through my day bag/purse/nappy bag and exploring the blank pages of my drawing book I just bought. With a pencil.

Back to my original idea for a post.

Our cold water runs hot during the day. I am sure it gets up to 50 degrees celsius sometimes. Maybe higher. And it isn't even summer yet, the hot time of the year. Though hubby thinks it is hot all year round. You turn on the tap, it starts out cold but a few seconds later it starts warming up. Before you know it you need to pull your hand out as it is suddenly warmer then you expected. Who ever said that the cold tap was a safer one then the hot tap never lived here in sunny Australia. I do not even live up north where it is beach time all year round.

Well, enough rambling for now, it is time to prepare for the family to arrive home (I stayed home with the spot - Merc)

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