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Mission accomplished



We just got back to this apartment we are renting after a long day out.

The Ukrainian Government saw fit to give us visas again.  No surprises there.  What was a surprise is that it now costs Australians about $800 for a visa.  Incredible!  This visa is good for 45 days.  :)  During that time, I must apply for temporary residency.  If we can get all the docs ready in that time and the government is not opposed, then, after paying another whack of dosh, they should give me one year of temporary residency.  Pris, happy American that she is, had to pay just $190.  It’s still not enough incentive to make me desire US citizenship.  :)




We spent the rest of the day with Priscilla’s parents, who also needed to go to the consulate.  (Without any planning, we ended up individually planning to come to Krakow on the same day!)  We did a lot of walking around the city doing visa errands and then looking at beautiful Krakow, but we definitely enjoyed this special time together. 


We just called Cheryl, who is staying with our kids while we are away.  She informed us that Elle doesn’t have a temp anymore, but she did come out in a rash all over her body.  So we’d appreciate your prayers for her.  We don’t yet know if this is a complication to the strep-throat she has.  Thanks.