Bread is my Monday night, it is what i head out at 4pm to get and what I usually end up with at home by 7pm. Lately there hasn’t been a lot of bread coming from the bakery and I have been having to make the hard choice of which family to call and apologise to for having no bread. There has only been one Monday in the last few months where i haven’t had to call anyone, and that was the time our church asked for bread and then we had an abundance, more then enough for everyone.

Tonight was the smallest load ever. I visited 2 families for a tiny drop off at each, had my eldest take a cob loaf to each of the houses in our street and we were left over with something to accompany dinner tonight.

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it, as it is a 3 hr block of time out of my day when I could be doing other stuff. Admittedly it includes a trip to our mail box which is a 20minute drive, one way.

I know it helps people, and there are families who need it, otherwise why would they be receiving the bread? I also know that they appreciate it, and the little chats we get to have. It is one of my socialisation times, plus it is building relationships with people, it’s not just about the bread, and I guess that is what makes it worth it in the end. But gee, I would just like to get a load which could do everyone, like the good old days, 2 years ago.


So good to read you are

So good to read you are still working at this practical way to help people. And yes, it would be great to have enough bread for everyone on your run. Just thinking about it - and I will try to remember to pray that, God willing, there will be more bread available for to you to deliver.
Love you all,
Mum Miller

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