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A day in my life

My days are becoming busier and busier. More work is getting sent my way, the end of the year is quickly coming up and I am trying to get fit while doing this.

So, my day goes sorta like this

Hunting Lodge Estate Winery Run

IMAG0117Today we ran at Hunting Lodge Estate Winery. It was so nice out there, so fresh, relaxing and fun.

The run itself was small, the competitors low in numbers, but the atmosphere was great.

As far as I was aware, the run itself was organised, along with a few other activities over three days, to celebrate the winery’s 10th year of running. The owner/farmer was there to help everyone celebrate, encourage and have a bit of fun.

The run itself was challenging physically, but not draining mentally. You knew what was around the corner and how far you had to go. You knew that ‘heartbreak hill’ was what separated the pack and meant the finish line (or half way line) was in sight. As far as I could see, everyone had fun and cheered on those still in the run. IMAG0105

Daisy Hill Park Run

daisyhill map (Click picture to enlarge it and see the map better) Sunday was a hot one, and we were all tired from the night before, but we still headed off early to the south side of Brisbane for a Happy Hikers meet up. This has to have been the largest group meet up so far. There were lots of familiar faces and new faces.

Well, we got there an hour before anyone else because I wanted to try out the 9km track. This would have been a lot easier had I someone else to run with, not necessarily quicker though. As it was I alternated jogging and walking this track. It also felt like it was mostly uphill with very few downhill parts and practically no flat parts at all.

I did the run in 1hr and 45min. I am happy with that, though I wish they had better/more signage on the track. I started with following the arrows, checking the map every now and then, and at one stage asking for directions from a mountain biker (blue dot about half way on the track). I also stopped twice to give directions to a family group and a couple of mountain bikers (yellow dots).

Baby Doll



My latest doll. Hopefully my niece will like her and use her.

She is wearing a nappy (velcro fasteners), bib, crocheted singlet top and snugly wrap.

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