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Look what we got in the mail today! Lots of nice goodies in there. I love getting mail, particularly parcels, which are presents and then from a different country.

To see a full write up on what we received you can check out hubby’s blog post about it all.

Apart from presents, we have shifted around a couple of rooms in the house and I now have my own office (well hubby has a desk in it for his gaming/work pc). In my office I have my computer desk, sewing table, and craft table (plus mum’s mannequin). We also have the large green couch, school cupboard, filing cupboard and his desk.

While hubby and I were moving/cleaning things, I sent the two older girls outside to clean up the yard and then to mow it. They did well on their first attempt and have both expressed a desire to do it again at a later date. I will let them mow the back yard but I will still trim the edges and mow the front yard.

New Year Resolutions


I don’t usually do this because they are easy to make but so much easier to break. Instead of making a specific resolution, I though I would make a generalised one.

To improve my health, be more creative and try to de-clutter.

Health wise (being a little more specific here), I would like to include healthier meals more often, be more active, and reduce (but not take away completely) my sweets intake. Having received a new line trimmer for Christmas (yes I wanted it), just starting it will increase my activity level. I also want to try incorporating more vegetarian meals, and buying better sausages (the current ones aren’t the best, but are good for when you have no money).IMG_4177 I want to be looking and feeling good by the time of my sister’s wedding at the end of the year.

Christmas Day

What a fun day we had.

It started off with an early wake up (expected) by the kids after a very late night, followed by present giving and then preparing for the day. (And also the hatching of another dragon)

Mum came over at 8am and we all had a nice brunch together, followed by more gift giving.

It wasn’t long before I had to rush Hubby off to the airport so he could catch his flight to NZ for his own family ‘reunion’. On the way there I was able to observe the highway and see how jammed up it was on the north bound road which meant I would need to take an alternative route to my sister’s place out in the country. A quick stop home for my sunnies and everything else I forgot (M4 was asleep most of the road trip there), then it was out to the back roads for the trip to my sister’s place. The drive was quite good and pleasant.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and into the early hours of the evening enjoying a quite relaxing time. There was lots of laughter, water guns being sent back outside, kids playing with puppies and getting soaked, car driving in the back paddock and a lot of good laughs and conversations. J9 even had her turn behind the wheel and if I new how to post videos from my mobile phone on here I would show it. She was remarkably good for someone who has never driven a car before, though she did love doing circles with increasing speed though!!!

All in all it was a fun day and we enjoyed it with good company out in the country (the weather was perfect too, beautiful breezes and mild temperatures).

Mice For Sale

IMG_4174My daughter is looking to sell two of her mice.

They are both female, brown and white in colour and hand tame. They are about 7 weeks of age.

They are gorgeous little mice and make great pets (or maybe a Christmas gift).

She is asking $4 for the pair of mice (that is $2 per mouse)

There may also be more mice for sale in the new year (towards the end of January)


Just a simple request.

If you have contacted me through the contact form on my site and provided an email address on it, can you please ensure that the email address works. Otherwise I can’t contact you!


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