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image His office smells of sandalwood.

My office smells of lavender.

The dining room smells of bananas.

Our offices smell the way they do because I have oil infusers going in them.

The dining rooms smells the way it does because I have one of these babies going with a box load of bananas in it. It is my new toy.

I will be able to make fruit leather in it, yogurt lollies, beef jerky, etc. Can’t wait to trial everything.

Always Baste First

I am learning the lesson that it is always a good idea to baste, when sewing, first. This way you can avoid unpicking all of those teeny tiny stitches, and avoid wondering if the fabric shop has anymore of that type of fabric left.

Have You Done any RAK lately

RAK = Random Acts of Kindness

While listening to the radio today they had one of their little bits of wisdom come on. It talked about RAK.

What it was saying was that by performing random acts of kindness, without thought of “What will I get out of this” can make you feel better. Doing something and expecting nothing.

This is a pretty cool concept, something we should all do. Imagine how much happier the world could be, at least the people around you.

RAK doesn’t have to be costly, in fact, it is probably better if it costs nothing at all. Then it definitely comes from you. It could be something as simple as letting that person cut in front of you when they merge onto the highway, allowing someone else to take your seat on the bus/train, or even saying “thanks, I appreciated that”.

Who knows how far this could go. By being nice to someone, it may mean they yell a little less at their kids, may not let that hoon get to them or even do their own RAK to someone else.

It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

So, have you done any RAK lately?

Getting Crafty

IMG_5179I am finally starting to do something about my New Years resolutions. I am creating more, and eating healthier.

Anyhow, I have been getting crafty and I made these nifty crayons today. It took 10 minutes to unwrap them all and only 2 minutes to melt them! They look cool anyhow and my girls have been eyeing them off all day. I made them as an experiment in seeing how easy it would be to make something like this for my sister’s upcoming wedding. They were simple! I just need to find the right types/shapes of moulds now.IMG_5180IMG_5181

I also have been making my sister a nappy bag. It is still in the process of being made though, so no pictures yet.


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