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Souffle, Pretzels and Master Chef


IMG_7033smlThe kids and I have been watching a bit of Master Chef recently. It is a great reality show and doesn’t really focus on the things which other reality shows do. These people are people and they are flat out competing, learning and doing work experience. Anyone who gets voted off seems to get voted off nicely and with valid reasons. The best part though is that they are presenting the viewer with not only entertainment but cooking lessons, and ideas. This show has inspired me, and my kids, to try things out in the kitchen.

Today I made choc citrus soufflé. It is good! Very rich though.

Yesterday the kids and I made soft pretzels. They were nice though next time I may cook them a little longer and try out the bi-carb dip.

Choc Citrus Souffle

IMG_7041This is a decadent dessert best eaten in moderation, even half a coffee cup is almost too much.

This can be whipped up quickly, if you leave out the citrus fruit, but it still needs some planning as you want good quality ingredients to get best taste from this dish.

Firstly you need to candy the citrus fruit. I used lime but it is a little sour and may not appeal to all tastes. The program, Master Chef,  where I got the idea for this dish from, use oranges. I am not sure which type of oranges they used but the sweeter variety would work well here.

It easily serves 6.


Candied Citrus Fruit


  • citrus fruit of your choice (1 orange, or 2 limes)
  • enough sugar to cover the fruit
  • splash of water


A Porsche, A Doll, And A Crocheted Hat

IMG_7021Meet Pene (pronounced Penny) Poppet.  She is the second jointed doll that I have made. The first one was great, this one not so. There are too many things wrong with her to list so I will spare you the grief. She looks ok still though. The next one I make will look better though.

Poppet Update

IMG_6711Here she is, with hair.

Attaching the hair involved lots of hand stitching, cutting, measuring and thoughts of “how good a few thimbles would be right about now” .

Next time I will know how to do the hair a better way.

I have also given her a name – Heather

She is actually a mossy/snot green and I was thinking ‘Forest’ as a name, though that just didn’t seem right, and when msning my hubby, Heather just came out, so Heather she is.

Next up is the clothes.

My First Poppet


Well, actually, it is a jointed doll, but I got the pattern, instructions and tutorials from a poppet-along (where everyone makes the same thing together and then posts their results). This is the first jointed doll I have made and it was way easier then I imagined it would be.

This girl has to have her hair done yet, and some clothes to cover up her nekkidness. And maybe a mouth too.

But she is probably the first doll in a long line of dolls I may make. Possibly as Christmas presents for neices. They won’t all be the same as this though, different coloured fabric for starters.

Enough rambling, time for an early bed as I have guests in the morning.

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