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My sis came over today to go through her things on a mouse hunt. (We have a slight mouse problem but am glad to say they 'seem' to be declining).

The first box that we went through it was obvious that was where they were and we even found 3-4 dead baby mice (long time dead). There were no parents around and fortunately very little was actually ruined. We cleaned out that box and packed pretty much everything into a smaller box! Then it was onto the second box and we found the parents, dead also. They had fallen into the pressure cooker and were unable to get out so they starved to death and added to the fly population around here. Was not pretty but I don't mind a bit of messy so I took over the cleaning out of this vessel.


Shopping with Jade. I know that last time I tried to give it meaning but I am not so sure anymore. Again at a bead shop, Jade could not decide between something 9 times the amount in her wallet or 3 times the amount. I would not lend her any money to boost her purchasing power either.

It was frustratingly long to say the least. Erin was fixed in 2 minutes flat, Miranda in about 5 minutes (or so). I lost track of the time with Jade but I did send the girls over to the library to wait for us (just next door).

Next time I will make sure she understands how much money she has, what she can and can't buy, etc etc.

Now this pc is about to restart so I had better finish up.


I think bubs (Mercedes) might be weaning herself. She has refused to breastfeed since last friday (Thursday night being the last time). Last night when she woke up during the night, all she wanted was a bottle and a cuddle for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep again. Last night was the best night of sleep I have had in ages. She was also moved back to the nursery last night. Daytime sleeps still avoid us though so we will have to work on those, but with the introduction of the bottle, that should change (I hope).

As for what she has, I think it is hand, foot and mouth disease. It is not related to the animal virus of foot and mouth disease. What she has is a virus which brings up 'spots' on the feet, hands, inside the mouth (hasn't stopped her eating though), torso and groin.

I hope this thing will be over soon.

Rambling : Cold Water Running Hot

If only I could remember the great title I had thought up before bubs yelled for my attention (she is tired but refuses to sleep and I haven't set up her cot back in the nursery). Well, she is still sick, spotty and grumpy, while eating little amounts and not really knowing what she wants. One good thing though, she isn't too big a fan on lollies during this bought of sickness. She prefers watermelon, cherries (real ones) and grapes. She is currently going through my day bag/purse/nappy bag and exploring the blank pages of my drawing book I just bought. With a pencil.

Back to my original idea for a post.

Bumper Crop

The strawberry season is technically over but our plants are producing more then they ever have. I have already mentioned this before, but this morning I was a little surprised at the amount I actually brought in. It was just as well that I had the forsight to take a container with me as there was more then I would have been able to carry in my hands. The runners are still growing proficiently and those which I have placed in pots seem to have taken and it shouldn't be too long before they are able to be seperated from the parent plant. Next years strawberry season should be a good one, with at least twice as many plants producing.

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