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Mini-Tornado Hits Home

Sunday, while I was delivering junk mail of all things, a mini-tornado hit our area. Well, it didn't hit me but the car did rock quite a bit in the wind while I took shelter in it. Looks like drought isn't the only thing now affecting the great southeast.



Summer storms are already here and it isn't even summer yet. 2 days ago we had a mini tornado in the area, today we had hail, lightening, thunder and rain so hard you could not drive because it was like looking at a grey wall. I still had to drive in it though. Tonight was the final night for girls brigade and it was their christmas party. The girls had been looking forward to this all week so I headed out (while it was only cloudy) and took off so that they could join in the festivities.

Self Analysis

Junk mail/catalogue delivery is all done!

Now all I need to do is bundle it all up and wait for it to be collected. $87.75 worth of exercise, patience and endurance completed.

I did the paper delivery in two parts. One yesterday morning (Saturday) and the rest this afternoon (dodging storms). The one I did this afternoon should have been quicker then what it was done in but I think I spent half of the time in the car dodging the rain. This is a good thing to know as it means I should get the whole route done in less then 5 hours (provided the junk mail fits into their boxes). I think I can do this. It will be good for me, and I have also enlisted the help of the next door neighbours sons. I will pay them according to the percentage of work done.

Day 1 Of Torture

Ok, I thought the girls would want to help with this, and one still does but the others have lost interest. I am only in it for the money (which isn't very much) and keep telling myself that I am getting paid to exercise. I am talking about the junk mail delivery run I started (we started, the kids and I).

My legs ache, my feet ache, I am hydrated but I have a headache. I tried delivering papers with the kids but it took almost 30 minutes to get two streets away!

Busy Bee

What a busy bee we all are at this time of year.

Last night I remembered what it was like to need to scratch your face while your hands are covered in newspaper ink.

The kids and I (mostly me) have taken on a junk mail delivery route. In order not to get discouraged by the piddly pay, I think of it this way - I get paid to exercise!

Apart from this, we have schooling to do, and an e-course to finish up (the outline is half done) and I am currently doing some beaded projects.
Though, this last week we have been lucky (in a strange way) due to 3 of the girls being sick so we have had less then normal extracurricular activities to go to. Next week will be different though, but it is the final week for the year in most activities. I am not sure I would be able to do this delivery thing if we had all their activities on also, so I am not sure how we will manage next year yet.

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