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Grub In The Mail Box
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Grub (Mercedes) loves her shoes and any other shoes that she can get her hands (and feet) onto. While shopping for a pair of shoes for Erin the other day Mercedes was not content until she received her own pair (even though they were only a cheap pair). After that she was pretty happy for the remainder of the shopping trip. This girl loves shoes so much that she is wearing a pair of jiffy shoes at the moment and insists on putting on the pair of shoes that catches her fancy. She likes to wear jewellery also and have her hair done. I finally got a real little girl!!! Well, one that likes girly stuff from an early age and not one who would rather have short hair then have to put it up and brush it.

The other morning at an incredibly early time, I spotted a pair of black cockatoos flying past. These animals are on the endangered list and I have not seen any in the area for a few years. This made my morning.

Street Walking

Street Walking

I gave my notice today, so that in 2 weeks time, just before Christmas I will finish my street walking. I will not be delivering junk mail anymore. Apart from being tired of the early mornings, late nights and sitting in a stinking hot garage folding (and summer has only just began), I am tired of sore feet and January is a full month of visitors, art classes (I booked into a series of 4 art lessons run by the local library) and getting back into school. I am finding it difficult to keep up with the house work and school work at the moment and we are only on half days. Plus I have taken on the extra added bit of helping out a friend. I offered to help her learn how to draft simple patterns (for sewing) and the use of my machine. Plus, I my time is worth more then what I am being paid.

I feel relaxed and happy with the decision and originally I only wanted to do it up until Christmas so that we could have that extra money for Christmas (still yet to be paid!!!). Can't wait to get paid as it should be a nice amount and then we get to go shopping, or to the movies and a special outing. Dunno yet. Maybe my zen neeon, dunno yet.

Time to deal with the rest of the day and organise some Christmas decoration production.


Yesterdays rant is over. It was just a Monday I guess and the Monday got to me.

Todays delivery was easier. I did it different from normal and did the hilly/hard bits first with the flatter bits last. I still have some to do but it can wait till later when it is cooler.

Summer has finally hit us and the recommendation (from the weather reporters and health practioners) is to stay inside out of the heat of the day, which is from about 10am till 3pm.

The kids will earn their share of the money tonight by delivering tonight while looking at Christmas lights. It is a great encouragement and they are eager to do it. I don't mind as I now know how to work them and when to quit.

I am not allowing myself to do so much that I am then wrecked for the rest of the day. That just doesn't work because then everyone suffers.
Well, that is enough of a rant, time to go school the kids and catch up where I left off last night.

No Room To Move!

Exhausted. That I am. This catalogue walking is not helping me. I knew I would be tired in the beginning, I knew it would be hard work but I am plain exhausted and I don't feel like I have room to move/rest at all. It is never ending. I feel like I am always either folding or walking or recovering. Maybe I am tired because I was trying to be a polite host last night and stay up until the guests went home (well I did give in first and went to bed around 11.30pm).

Yesterday I felt like I was in a sleep deprived haze and I was probably right. I am in one today as well, I think. I keep forgetting what day it is, but that could be because all the extra-curricular activities have finished for the year and I have had to reduce the girls to half a day schooling so I can stay on top of things.

My nights are spent folding and catnapping while trying to spend time with the hubby. My mornings are early, starting before 6am and getting home before anyone wakes up, though they are going to need to be earlier still as the kids are now waking before 8am.

I don't think I can last until Christmas in this catalogue job. It doesn't really pay enough. I can't do it through January anyhow as we have a heap of things going on, as well as myself trying to get a new business up and running. I never thought I would do it past Christmas.

Only 23 Sleeps Till Christmas!

It is too soon, too soon! I am NOT organised or ready for it.

Now onto bit and pieces of my life.

I feel like I am on a tropical island, we are surrounded by water, there are lush gardens, waterfalls under which we can stand (the smaller kids can at least), I have not had to sit and stare at a computer screen for any length and the kids are amused by the vast quantity of swimming/splashing areas available.

Yes, we have had a LOT of rain, yet are still considered to be in a drought. The dams were that low. Today we have seen brown muddy water surround the house (mostly on the grass), white walls of water and kids in rain jackets! Before the rain happened, there was a delivery, on my reason to exercise (junk mail I deliver). Apparently the lady who delivered it was having a bad morning. They were using her horse truck (clean of course, I hope at least) and had been to the supplier to collect the pallets of junk mail. The first thing I heard was the fact that there was only supposed to be 5 pallets of catalogues, not 11. Then she got extra upset because the pallets were not secured (the catalogues atop of them) and well, it was a mess in there. It was a sea of jumbled catalogues and we were their first drop off for the day also!!! She was already in tears. And as they were finishing up (and my hubby came to the rescue) it started to rain!!! I am glad I don't deliver to the walkers.

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