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Only 6 Sleeps Till Christmas

I am finished with the catalogue run (now all I need to do is collect all the money) and it feels good. Only a few fiddly things to wrap up (mainly due to people being unable to count) and it is all done.

My itinerary for the next month is pretty busy with guests coming from far north Queensland, and then later in January, guests from NZ.
I was to do a series of 4 art classes during January but I have had to cancel that due to hubby actually getting a contract and needing to work during the day. This is actually a pretty good thing since we haven't actually had a contract in a while. This is the best Christmas present.
Tonight we have our last home group meet up for the year and probably won't get back into things until February, so I have that to prepare for.
This week I also have to get together some last minute gifts, prepare food for xmas day and when we have guests (arriving a few days after xmas, as well as the post-xmas party 2 days after xmas and Jade's 7th birthday the day after xmas). 3 days of parties!!! I will be exhausted after it.

Ok, enough rambling from me, time to get to work and try to wake up!

BTW - Batman Begins is a cool movie, I like how they told the story of Batman's begining.

My Morning Walk - 18 Dec 2005

As I was out on my morning walk (last Sunday morning of delivering catalogues) I saw a baby lorikeet. It sqwarked like a baby and had not yet grown all of it's flight feathers. It was hopping across the ground and could only manage to fly about 2 feet. It was gorgeous. I was tempted to try and find it's nest but due to the amount of trees around the place (and the fact that it's parents seemed to be around) I did not know where to start. I had to leave it where it was and go on my way.

It was still a pretty cool sight and it was the first real baby lorikeet I had seen in the 'wild'.

Note: This picture was taken at the beginning of the year of a rainbow lorikeet that was busy showing off for the camera.

My Morning Walk


Changes are in the air:

  • Grub has learnt to take off her nappy and today we have spent a good part putting it back on or a new one on
  • Grub looks like she is toilet training herself as she quite regularly goes toilet before a bath/shower and has also gone a few times today when I found her naked
  • Hubby found a 3 month contract. Yippee! First decent bit of work in almost 6 months
  • Jade has stopped listening to me but she still likes her alone time with mum
  • Today and tomorrow are my last days on the paper round. I didn't get much done today as it was slow going this morning and I ended up with two tag-alongs (Jade and Mercedes both woke up extra early today - sunrise)
  • Only 4 weeks till I launch (or hope to launch) my Cooking e-Course.
  • Rapid weather changes due to still frequent storms (not as often as they had been)
  • I own a mp3 player, though it isn't the one I want but it is good enough for me for the moment.
  • I have done some major clean ups, even though they aren't really noticeable
  • I made 4 Christmas stockings - 1 aussie theme, 1 green with gold embroidered trim, 1 purple with gold trim, 1 pink with gold trim. I am also attempting to make a knee length gypsy skirt (I am currently unpicking everything I just sewed up on it!)

Too Tired

I am soooo tired. These extra early mornings and late nights folding are ruining me. I just need to sleep! But I can't, it is only 10am and I have kids to school, housework to be done and a few errands to run. Oh yeah, and fights to mediate.

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