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"Number 2 & The Zoo"

On Sunday (new Years Day), Jade was doing tricks at the park, on the swing. You can probably imagine what happened. She fell off into the bark below it and came up cringing. I was filming her tricks when she fell so it is all on camera and I won't be putting it up on the site either.
Well, Jade hurt her arm and at the time it didn't look too bad and we put her into a sling. Jade being the person that she is, with a high pain tolerance, didn't make too much of a fuss about it once the initial pain wore off. It wasn't until I showed hubby the video that we decided she needed to go to the doctors. He has more experience then me in the broken bones department (I have only had a broken little toe, he has had too many to count).

Today, 2 days later when things were open, we headed to our doctor and after most of the day spent in cars or in waiting rooms (did I mention that our doctor is at least 30 minutes drive away?) we found out that she had a bone splinter on her right elbow and all we can do for it is keep it in the sling for 3 weeks to give it a chance to heal up. She had a fantastic attitude about it all and took it all in her stride.

The Zoo, is what we did yesterday.


Not me but them, and him. I should be tired as well, since I shared a bed with 2 of the girls last night, and I was forced to sleep across the bottom of the bed. Last night, hubby had a Lord Of The Rings movie marathon with some friends. It started at 6.30pm and went to much the same time the next morning. So, while hubby sleeps this morning, the kids and I will go shopping!

New Years Eve

The last day of the year and the beginning of the next one is only hours away. What did I do to celebrate? Spent my hard earned money, planned to go visit my dad and step-mum, and after that planned to watch a movie with my sis. Maybe I should inform hubby about this? Maybe not also.

What did I buy? Hmmmmm. Lots!
I let the kids spend their hard earned money and they bought some pretty cool toys which were all marked down due to post Christmas sales. I bought hubby a few presents, late christmas presents at that. He got a necklace (to replace the one he lost), a cool bag and lunch box (for work lunches) and a dask calender. I got myself a pair of sunglasses and a skirt, also some beading findings. Now all I need is the beads! I bought Merc a little set of shelves (with doors) so that we can put her clothes in something instead of a box. I also tried to buy but didn't succeed in buying, my dad a polo shirt, though I did succeed in buying my step-mum a shirt but not a nice skirt. Ahh well, I am done for now, until I hit the bead shop and get some beads, to add to the ones I already have!!!

I don't go shopping often so this is a big deal for me. I got the things that I had wanted for a while, for me, so I am happy.

Well, the new year isn't about shopping, but about new beginnings and starting afresh. As I look forward into 2006, I can see that it is going to start at full speed and possibly only start to slow down about mid year, possibly later. Since I home school, am starting a new business and continuing with old business, I think it will be busy all year round.

Not Much At All

I don't have much to say at the moment. Not a lot apart from the normal is going on. My dad arrives today so that will possibly keep me busy into the New Year. Have a great New Year everyone!

Happy 7th Birthday Jade

My dear little Jade turns 7 today.
Her birth was by far the easiest and most surprising - 9 contractions and a walk across a hallway.
She has always been a quick one, but she is also tender and delicate but eager to keep up with the boys/friends.
She is a great kid and culd become great in whatever she wants to put her hand to.
She loves her sports, her reading, her computers, cartoons and time alone with either mummy or daddy.

Happy Birthday Jadeen!

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