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Cranberry Pistachio and Chicken CousCous


  • 1 1/2 cups chicken stock
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/4 cup pistachios
  • 1 cup cous-cous
  • 1 chicken breast, or 4 chicken tenderloins
  • coriander
  • 4 garlic shoots
  • 1 cup boiling water


Marty Monkey and Lavender Doll


IMG_7377They are done and ready to go across the ocean to be with their new owners! I hope they both enjoy them and will get plenty of playtime out of them.

Lavender doll was made using my normal doll pattern, with a crocheted wig.

I just made a simple peasant style dress with a crocheted belt.



I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment and it is great to see that I am actually getting through them despite my time restrictions.

The doll to the left is one I have just finished. Her name is princess and she spent many days wrapped in a piece of fake zebra fur while waiting for clothes. I finally got around to the 20 minute job today!

While waiting for clothes I started another doll, and a monkey softie. They are to go my niece and nephew in NZ. I am not posting pictures up here because I would hate for them to accidentally see the toys and then not have the surprise of seeing them for the first time, when they open their package.

On top of these toys, I have another 3 dolls to make for various people. One for a niece in Australia, and two for a friend in America.

Once all of these toys are done, I might make myself and the kids some summer clothes.

Doors Close And New Doors Open

PICT0032Yesterday Raz (the dog) left us. She had a few medical problems with her so we decided it best to say goodbye.

We were lucky enough to have a friend who was able to help us with her, and other friends who helped make the transition smoother.

Today we donated all of her stuff to an animal shelter and thought of it this way – we can feed all of the dogs there for one day; flea, worm, etc 3 dogs for a month; allow one more dog to be taken for a walk, one more dog has a bowl to eat of and they have a few more grooming tools to help make their job easier.

It was the perfect way to say goodbye, an era in our life which has now ended.

On to other stuff, new doors that open.

We have been lucky enough to receive excellent help from a friend and teacher with E7. I can see the horizon instead of mountains. Even if things don’t go as planned, he is still going to help us, so we are going to be moving forward. As well as this, reading eggs has once again offered up free 6 weeks on their online program. It is almost game like but obviously a great teaching tool. We are going to use this as well.


I am still here, but just keep forgetting to update this thing.

What have I been up to

- dog dislocated her hip, lots of dramas with that one

- have made a few dolls, one of which went to the UK

- been cooking heaps, lots of staff meals and experiments

- crocheting beanies

- working

- schooling

- trying to catch up on the laundry


So what have you been up to?

IMG_7325 IMG_7272 IMG_7040

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