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"Workin' Hard"

Well, I am working hard. My list of things is never ending and I am not sure how I ever fitted in homeschooling on top of it. Tomorrow I have my sister arriving at 7am so she can babysit the kids while I head to art class. During art class I expect to have my sis-in-law and her hubby arrive, as well as the property manager to do the 3 monthly rental inspection. Once that is taken care of it will be great, relaxing and I possibly will get more then 5 minutes uninterrupted in which to draw, sew, paint, read, create, and get started in my new business.

Regarding the new business, I am not sure how it will take off. It could be a roaring success or a dismal failure. I am hoping it is a success and eventually I will be able to get some sponsorship for it. Once I have it up and running it will be easy to maintain and keep going.

Enough said for now, except for the fact that I hope to have it up and running in the next week. Time to go mop floors, set up the guest room, do the dishes, finish up my drawings for tomorrows art class, finish the last few pages of the fantasy novel I am reading, shower, etc etc.
Have a good night!

"Art Class - Part 2"

Today was my second lesson and everyone brought in something they had done previously. Everyone's style was different and the teacher praised everyone's drawings. Some were fantastic drawings.

Today in class we just dealt with speed drawing (refreshed on that), clothing of our character, their shape, form etc. I didn't take as many notes as last time but I know I need to work on lightening my lines that I use and work out what clothes I want to use on my character. I think she will turn out pretty good at the end of it all.

I asked the teacher (this is his first teaching gig and it was voluntary) about future art classes and he has agreed to give, those who want it, his phone number to arrange private classes in the future or just someone we can ask for hints and tips. If I could find some of his work to display I would but I am not sure it is up on the net.

The main picture I showed today (we had to bring our own art, was of a male drow (dark elf).


Last night I finally got to starting on my homework. It is amazing how busy you get when you have kids and then it doesn't stop till you get to bed. Last night I said no to playing cards with the family, I said no to watching tv and started on my pre-lim sketches of the character I want to create for art class. I actually drew two figures but the second one really was no good. They are full of lines but they are only the roughs, outlines, etc.

I really enjoy these art classes but may have to forfeit next monday's class due to rellies coming to stay (needing to be picked up from the gold coast - 2 hr drive there). I am hopefully going to be able to organise it so that I can arrive late and stay late.
Our first lesson consisted mainly with the basics, looking at the musclces in the body, how to get proper height, positioning, shapes etc.
My next class is tomorrow

"Busy Bee"

Today originally looked to be a nice slow day, easy going, etc etc. It never ended like that though.

The day started with getting up early to take hubby to the train, then a round up of kids, getting them ready and heading out to get petrol before picking up my sister so she can babysit while I attended my first art class.

Art class was great. The guy teaching it has produced some amazing works and he was easy to understand and follow. Since there was only 6 in the class it was small and I got a good seat. I did get a little bit of homework to do and I have to bring in a picture I have drawn previously. I have an idea of what I will bring in but am yet to find it.

After this it was a quick dash up to my mum's shop to drop my sis off, then head to the shops to find it a waste of time and head home for lunch before heading out again. During our home time we had a repairman arrive, fix and leave, and we had lunch also.

Did you know Merc has the stamina to stay awake during car trips now? Unfortunately she does and has not had a sleep today so I am expecting an early bed time for her tonight.

Lunch over and it was time to head out and do more chores. We were home by 3pm. Well, 1 minute to 3pm and I had told the girls I wanted to be home by 3pm at the latest. I guess I scrapped it in close.

Now all I have left to do today is the household chores, possibly fix a holey lamb and prepare dinner while trying to fit in drawing practise!

"Power Outs, Spam & Leaving"

Power Outs
Today we had a doozy. The power only to the power points went out. I checked the box and the safety switch had been tripped, so then it was a call to the hubby to let him know, shut down the business server, contact the real estate and then call the electrician. First, before the electrician arrived, we tried process of elimination to see if it was a specific thing that was tripping it. Nope. Also, when I flicked the safety switch back to on, it didn't flick off and nothing turned back on. Finally the electrician arrived and tested the safety switch. To put a long story short. It lived a short life, 10 months approximately. Everything now works also.

I hate it and they are loving my comments. Though I am not big on receiving comments I guess they don't serve their purpose. I did however get a break over Christmas day and New Years eve and day when I received no spam. I guess spammers must take breaks now and then!


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