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The Weekend So Far - Drivel

So far the weekend has been busy, since it started on Friday arvo when hubby left for his insanely long 30 hr LAN. The in-laws hung around yesterday, leaving this morning to head to the LAN. Last night I also had a friend stay over, and silly me had a rest during the day so i was wide awake till after midnight only to be woken up early by the hubby calling me (everyone, including the youngest) was asleep.

The youngest, yesterday, got into her father's energy drink so she was bouncing arond till 10.30pm last night when she was put to bed with a bottle and suitable ignored. She did however, sleep really well.

Today started with the early phonecall, a late breakfast, chatting some with the in-laws and friend before they all left, then housework followed.
All I have left to do today is entertain friend some more when she gets back, hang, fold and put away laundry, bake a birthday cake for sis (23 today she is), work out a present to make for her, try to get some sketching in (think i will have to force myself to do that one), dishes, gardening (if the rain stays away) and entertain 4 kids since there is only sports on tv and I do not really want them in front of the box all day anyhows.

Well, now I will start off this list with washing and mending hubby's pants while giving sis a birthday call.


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Hide & Seek

The funniest thing about tonight's game of hide and seek was that Uncle Jon forgot to seek out the hiders. Deliberate or not it was still funny!

Art Class

Today was the final of the 4 art classes that I signed up for. I can say that I learnt heaps from them and am glad that I decided to try them out.
Our art teacher (Mark Robinson) has decided to continue teaching classes on Thursday nights. This is great because now I can finally do something for me and at the same time improve on my drawing skills. Today we learnt a little on perspective, composition and aesthetic eye/design. When I get a little more sleep I shall be able to put these things into practice and hopefully produce some masterpieces, or at least something that will hang on my walls.

I know where I want to put them, on the feature wall in my office, school, work, computer area. I think a cork board the size of the recess would look good, especially if i had some neat looking pins to put the artwork up with. The kids could even have a section, and it would be a constant reminder of where i could improve, to keep practising, etc etc. I might look into that for a future idea. Possibly tonight, I might look at practising todays lesson, even if it is only rough.

How To & Tidbits

How to tell if the chicken, you put in the fridge last week and promptly forgot about, is off. Open the bag and try not to throw up due to the smell.

Today I did something I wouldn't normally do. I told a friend that she couldn't come over. I did have valid reasons.
1. I was exhausted mentally and physically from seemingly constantly hosting people in our house and keeping them amused
2. I had work to do, deadlines to fill and uninterrupted concentration to partake of.
3. I was getting behind in the housework due to seemingly playing host every day and night.
4. I needed quiet time.

I sorta feel bad, but not a lot, from saying no to her but then I have stuff to do and today was a free day. Hubby is at work, the sis-in-law and her hubby are out checking out the city, the kids were watching cartoons (winding down also) and I had deadlines to fill, personal ones.

One of the things I completed today, hopefully or near completion that it will only take a few minutes to finish up, was my advanced cookery lesson 1. It is 4 pages and now awaiting for the editor to check it out, whip out his metaphorical red pen and highlight mistakes.
I enjoyed doing it because I was able to tap into my memory banks and put it out onto paper in a language I think I understand (childrens language).

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