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Central Netted Dragons

I think my dragons are getting frisky! Well one of the boys is. This could be the start of their breeding! Whoot! A new chapter in their life.....

How Safe Are We?

Our baby monitor (which was not on the right channel) just picked up someone's phone conversation and it wasn't a voice I recognised either. Very clear also! This has happened before and it is particularly good at picking up phone conversations from walkabout phones! I didn't listen in though and turned it onto the proper channel


If I was born in medieval times I could have been a number of different things but I think I would have turned more towards kitchen duties. I doubt I would have been a noble bred and my only way to have gotten into those levels would have been through a ... lord (who was kicked out due to his behaviour - why do words escape me!), which would have been hubby. I probably would have had 10 kids.
Either that or a fighting girl, dressed in mens clothing and going off to fight some battle. Or a farmer.....maybe not!

A Side Thought With Sunburn

It was a good day overall. I didn't have to make lunch or cook dinner, the kids were entertained most of it, I had extra babysitters, people were friendly, i got after sun gel rubbed into my sun burn and I am getting to go to bed. So, good night!


What a day I have had. Last night ended up being a late night despite wanting to go to bed early. Today started too early and too busy. I never even got the clothes off the line that were out out a day or so ago!

We decided against the rainforest walk, mainly due to all the wet weather we had had, and that the paths would have been muddy, leach infested, damp, slippery things. Instead we went to the beach. Being the designated driver and babysitter for the day, I dropped off the adults at the boat hire place so that they could take out their surf skis into the water. My time was spent tending children in a McD's playground after having gotten lost and gone the wrong way. 2 hrs later it was off to pick up the sunburnt but happy adults and shuttle them off to the park where hubby (who left his phone in the car and was on the motorbike) decided to call me and find out where I was. I was at the park we agreed to meet at. He was in the southern carpark and I was in the northern carpark. He told me I was lost!

More babysitting and a little bit of picture taking and then it was off further up the coast for a swim and exploration of the rock pools which were just being exposed due to the slowly receeding tide. The kids had fun swimming in a rock pool before it was off to the surf beach where Merc and I sat and watched the others at play.

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