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Tree Trimming

We are getting into storm weather and yesterday’s strong winds brought forth the essential trimming back of a tree in our yard. I am not sure who put in the plants but planting a grevillea on a 5foot high rock wall, 5 feet away from a bedroom window was not the brightest idea. Last year in the ‘BIG"’ storm we had a tree of similar size come crashing down…it broke about 2 foot from the base.

I didn’t want that to happen this year. The other tree grew back very quickly too!

So, I cut back the tree, atop the wall and by the window, and removed all offending branches (which was most of them). The wood was soft and the fact that I could cut through the branches with a simple small handsaw proved how dangerous it could be. Now there are no branches hanging over the neighbours yard and shed, none hanging over the roof and none which can come down in a storm and do some random damage.

Only thing left to do is cut the branches down into smaller bits and dispose of them.

Bribie Beach Bash

2009-10-11 Bribie Bash Fun Run 280-1600 Each year the Bribie Beach Bash Fun Run is held. It has a 3km, 6km, 10km, 15km, half marathon and marathon in it. I did the 6km and the rest of the family did the 3km.

Once again I am impressed with the running community. There are friendly faces everywhere and everyone is out there having fun despite the distance they are running. Quite a few people said hello and/or encouraged me in some way, even those I have not met before.

Overall the even was a fun one, very low key and jovial. I even came away with a lucky door prize (a powerade running hat).

An Observation - Running Club

armsketch I have been going to running club for a few weeks now, and I think I can feel it start to work on me. I still need to work out this feeding the kids and husband thing yet though.

Last night I was thinking about how I observe the people there, how my insecurities play on my thoughts, then how I throw those aside and think of something totally different.

When I first went, I did not think I would be able to do it, that I would be snubbed and left behind. I was so very wrong. The people there have to be the nicest people I have met before, and they were welcoming to those who are new or old members, and even those who are just checking it all out. They were encouraging and not off putting.

After this I then noticed the bodies and how everyone in the club had these superfit, slender, good-looking bodies. Two thoughts crossed my mind – I will end up like this; and I have such a long way to go, can I make it.

Doll Number 9

IMG_7520 Here is my latest creation. She has to have been the quickest to stuff and put together yet. If I had this sort of time (free time) and desire I could make these a lot quicker. I must admit to the hair being simplified though. I just crocheted the base of the wig in a special type of yarn and then only attached the pigtails. It actually looks quite affective since the yarn has this curly hair kind of look.

She will get clothes when I am able to make some up, but I am thinking of giving her a nappy, bib, little t-shirt, maybe a cute little skirt and a soft toy. She is a present for my niece who is going to be a big sister in a couple of months time.

She is temporarily named ‘Red’ as she is wearing a red riding hood cloak (hood part is a little too small for these dolls). I may yet call her Goldilocks though.


IMG_7459Since I last wrote so much has happened. I just never seem to find the time to write in here.

Some of the things I have done are – sewing, cooking, schooling….just the normal stuff really.

Sewing – created, sewn, dressed and completed 2 dolls. Made a birthday dress for my E7 (turned E8) and helped the younger two create a couple of soft toys.

Cooking – made a chocolate torte twice now, helped #2 make a pavlova, swirly cookies, given #1 the reigns of the kitchen on Monday nights, and made some yummy Indian food.

Schooling – it has been slow going but a bit more relaxing since we have been able to drop PACEs for #3. The new term starts in a few days and we will be looking at including #4 in #3’s school work. Might as well teach two at the same time. #3 has to start from the beginning again due to her unofficial (no brain scan) diagnosis of dyslexia.

Term 4 looks to be a quiet one for us, in regards to school activities. We will only really have violin lessons and activity days, though we are starting the term off with a spring fair (should be fun)

Time for some pictures

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