Sunday morning started with a crook morning. E6 was still getting over the vomiting bug she had just had (she sat at the table, with breakfast, not really doing anything), I was feeling crook and the others had head off to church. So i sat E6 in front of a movie while i went back to bed for 90 minutes. When everyone else got home, with lunch and treats I watched them eat lunch (not very hungry).
After that they all went to play the PS2 and I got to work on E6's matching tier skirt. It was very simple to make, just time consuming with the ruffles. She is very happy with it.

When everyone was feeling better, and after a game of settlers, we took off to a park with friends only to have M11 complain of feeling sick and at the moment she felt like throwing up, wanting to hang off me!
We all had fun at the park and the kids caught a tadpole, played with friends and got worn out.
Dinner was bought on the way home, consumed while watching 'Gladiators' (It hasn't changed since I first watched it many eons ago. I am sure the costumes and games are still the same). It was during this that M11 decided to join the ranks of the kids who threw up.
After this we watched 'So you think you can dance'. The dances were pretty cool. I think last night was the most TV I have watched in one go, in a long time.
Kids to bed, M11 to the spare bed (which I am yet to clean, oh the glamorous life), and off to watch Rove, followed by a Tom Clancy movie.
Last night was a long night! Late night, tiring night. I did manage to get dressed this morning though! Now that it is 10am, I am ready to get up and start the day!!!

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