Too Many Choices

I finally worked out why Jade had trouble spending her money today at the bead shop. The choices were simply overwhelming. It was like going into a lolly shop and telling a child to only choose 1 lolly, despite them wanting to taste everything.

We took off early this morning to check out the bead shop that I had found in a local coupon newspaper and see what they had to offer. The shop was small but the shelves were lined with beads, and they were kid friendly! This was a pleasant surprise. Hubby picked up a jumbo box of beads (the plastic brightly coloured kind)and offered to buy that for the kids, plus one other thing that they wanted. Miranda had no problem choosing her special thing, a ring in a box. Erin joined in and followed Miranda's lead, also scoring a plastic Mermaid from the lady in charge. Jade though, she chose a ring, put it back, chose some big gems, put them back, etc etc. Eventually hubby left to put the kids in the car, with the paid purchases, waited for a bit while I tried to help Jade in spending her money. Hubby made it easier for her to buy by giving her money. In the end she chose a make it yourself bead angel and hubby gave in and bought it for her (it was more then we wanted to pay).

Later, at home...

Merc is down for a sleep and out come the beads. Miranda and Erin start enthusiastically beading themselves a necklace while Jade and I start on the angel. Her attention for it lasts till it is about a third done. She turns to the other beading (easier) and makes herself 2 bracelets and a necklace. Needless to say, I finished the angel (it was a little tricky) while they (Miranda, Jade & Erin) did their jewellery.

I think, if we are to have their birthday parties at this place (they offer that) then we either have to limit the choices or choose before hand so that they don't have any choices. The thing they make would have to be simple and possibly something they could wear then and there.

I want to do this birthday party because I know all 3 of the older girls would enjoy it, it is a reasonable price, the desire to host their parties myself has dwindled over the last few parties, and I wouldn't need to do a thing apart from make a cake and send out invites (and pay for it).

And choose beforehand what they are going to make!

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