Glasshouse 30 - Cooks Tour

2010-05-16 GlassHouse Trails 2010 401 2010-05-16 GlassHouse Trails 2010 408-1600 This write up is a little bit late, but, better late then never hey!

Cook’s Tour was a fun event. We (Audrey, Le-anne and myself) did the 30km event. We completed it in 5hrs 30 min (approx). It was nice up on the track, staying together and just enjoying the event. It was not an always easy 30km, but there were plenty of laughs along the way. There were also a few large puddles we had to work out how to get through dry and unmuddy. I ended up the muddiest of the trio, but it was all fun.

A Walk at the Gantry

The Gantry is a patch of the state forest, situated at Mt Mee. It has long trails and steep hills.

Today, four of us, went for a 21km trail walk to see how we were fairing for the upcoming Oxfam trailwalker. We did not fair too well. Our speed averaged about 4km/hr and the hills were tough (the scenery was beautiful though). The leaches were plenty also!

At first we did the Somerset trail, then we did about 8km on Pegg Rd.

Somerset trail was a bit overgrown but still a pleasant walk (if we hadn’t been trying to get some good times). I wouldn’t mind doing that one again, though possibly in a time when there were less leaches! I ended up with 2 on my right shoe and 1 on my left sock. I also need to do something about my shoes, as my feet were hurting halfway through this first 13km. Next time I will be better prepared, take my time and enjoy the beauty around us (yellow banksia, delicate white ground orchards, dew drops on the branches and breath taking views)

A Running Update

It is hard, I feel so slow, I feel like I am slowing everyone down.

I admit to having doubts about my own capabilities, especially when I run/jog so slowly. All these grand plans of running/walking long distances are starting to seem a little more daunting then usual.

Admittedly, running in the morning is harder then the afternoon and I am able to jog for longer then I used to but my times don’t seem to have improved any, my weight is still the same and my shins are telling me to slow down, but when I do, they yell at me that it isn’t time! Can’t win with those shins of mine. One of the ladies in the group I jog with, came into the group unable to keep up, now I am lagging behind.

I do, however, enjoy my morning runs and training sessions as we get to plot and plan the many business ideas which pass through our heads. It is a bit of adult girl time and the company is great.

We are currently running a 3 minute, 5minute, 3 minute, 5minute route, with walking breaks in between times.

Dirt Fest

2010-04-10 DirtFest 0192010-04-10 DirtFest 754 What a day! It was a fun day though.

The atmosphere was great, there were no real crowds, there was lots of lycra, and it was a safe environment for the kids to hang out with minimal supervision. The main rule of the day was to stay out of the riders way.

Influencing Others

IMG_7904 Do you influence others? Do you have kids? Do you have contact with other people, young or old, or somewhere in between?

If you do any of these, then you influence others. How much depends on how much you are willing to give.

If you have kids, you influence them without even realising it. One day they are doing their own thing, the next they are mimicking your actions and words. You may not realise it at first, but they had to learn it from somewhere. They watch you and your actions, your words, how you interact with other people, what you do in your spare time.

Others can influence you, it may be your toddler throwing a tantrum in a busy shopping centre (would you have gotten embarrassed or mad if they hadn’t?), someone complementing your work or rubbishing it. We are all influenced by others, whether they be on TV, the radio, in a book or in real life (and the internet).

How does this relate to me and my family? Since this is that this blog is about.

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