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It's just over a month till Christmas, so that is only about 3 weeks of school left (for us anyhow, or at least until I have had enough). Had a good morning of exercises with the younger two and it got me thinking..If I can do something, whether it be stretches, aerobic, or muscle toning, I can/could do something every day, and if I can make it till Christmas then I should have some good habits going. Hopefully by the new year I will be able to start back strong and ready to go (next year is already a busy year)


It is spring, my sports injury has healed up and I am looking at my life, reassessing, and thinking about things.

It is time to refocus.

I have a stash, a material, and yarn, stash. I want to use it up, well most of it so then I can refocus my sewing, and crafting. Having too much makes clutter, and clutter makes confusion. I have heaps of ideas of what to do, unfinished projects, etc. I have started on using it up and so far have produced a pair of shorts (with pockets) and a couple of aprons. I have finally completed a handbag which I started about 2 years ago (maybe longer) and have a dress so close to completion that has been sitting there even longer (it only needs a couple of buttons) which I will finish off also.

I also plan to increase my fresh fruit and salad eating, which shouldn’t be too hard now the weather is warming up. This will also include dehydrated goods which I have made at home. And it shall all be accompanied by less sugary drinks. I am not planning on eliminating all the bad for you but taste oh so good stuff, just limiting it. I want more real energy!

Another thing I will do, now that I can run again, is increase my exercise per week. I want to run maybe 3 times a week (which won’t be too hard to do) and add in some other exercises to help strengthen my knees and reduce the chances of future injuries.

I want to have less time on my pc, which means I will need to play less games. This shouldn’t affect work times though, but will hopefully help me to become more efficient on and off the computer.

Supporting the Team

Photo_ACEF4249-72B5-90F0-69D4-22E88DD0CC75The past two weekends I have supported teams out on the trail. First the Kokoda Challenge down the Gold Coast last weekend, and secondly the trail runners doing the Flinders Tour today.

Both are great events and are well run, though the Flinders Tour is a bit smaller then the Gold Coast event.

Make Your Own

jalie2796What does Make-Your-Own have to do with running? (Cross post from Mums On The Run)

Mum’s who run, do more then just run and be a mum. From the mum’s I know personally, who run, there are artists, home sewers, article writers, make up artists, etc. We are more then just mum’s and runners, and that is why I thought I would share this pattern review with you.

Not too long ago I went searching for patterns, as I was fed up with the high prices for buying my own ready made running skirt. I found this pattern – Jalie 2796 – and started looking around at various reviews of the pattern. The only problem with it, that I could find, was that the waistband really needed extra support and by adding elastic to the waistband the problem was solved. An easy fix!

This pattern comes in a variety of sizes, starting right down at a girls size 2, and climbing all the way up to a ladies size 22. Extra bonus! I could use this single pattern to make all of my 4 girls a running skirt! Including myself.


I was watching the folk today and it is interesting to see the differences between them all.
Everyone seems to have a different interpretation as to what is suitable sports clothes. There are kids running around in jeans, winter weight long sleeve shirts, long heavy denim skirts, good casual clothes, joggers, sports clothes, etc. But what seems to really matter is that none of them actually care what anyone else is wearing. They still all get along together and play the game (which happens to be Frisbee and tiggy)?
The families are all different, come from different places and have different lives with the main thing in common being that they all belong to the same school. No one is outcast because they are different unless they choose to do it to themself.
While at activity day the parents will sit, craft, chat, share a cuppa and relax while the teachers take over their job for the day.
I personally like to craft, occasionally chat with friends and take some down time while the kids learn on their own.
Sometimes I wouldn't mind if they offered something for the adults to do, and I guess in a way they do. They provide an environment where the parents feel safe enough to let there kids go off on their own to classes and ever since I dragged that first table out, they now provide tables so people can craft or do stuff while the kids are in classes.

(written on my phone and emailed to myself while observing the sports activity)

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