Big Boy/Girl

Big Boy/Girl is shedding his/her skin

Chicken with Mushroom and Tomato


Chilli & Corriander Sauce


Introducing Me!

I am an stay-at-home, school-at-home, work-at-home mum. Age, weight, height and other details are not important, but the jobs I do are.
As you can see these are my 4 bubs. We have EE, Grub, Lala and J. They take up most of my time, well they are a 24/7 job really. Currently I only know where one is and that is the grub, whom is sitting at her sisters desk trying to be big and colour in whatever paper she can find. I think EE is in the bathroom playing in a sink of water and the other two are most likely hiding from the chores which they know they have to do. They are my life and my life seems to revolve around them and the man I married.

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