Alias Final

What a surprising ending to the series. I can't wait to see how it turns out in the next series but I suppose I will have to. Just as Vaughan was about to confess his deep dark secret to Sydney, a car slammed into the side of his. The sudden, unexpected crash made me jump from my seat in surprise. Lets hope the wait isn't too long!


Well the in-laws have left, catching a midday flight today.

The cubby house (play house) was finished yesterday and today I started with some more painting on it. I have started on the door, painting their names (kids) and 'Home Sweet Home'. The cubby is pretty cool. It has a double door (top half swings open), windows on the other three sides, a roof that slopes to drain away the water, exposed beams on the inside so that they can be used for shelves, and I am sure it is big enough to have a couple of kids sleep the night in there. The kids have been in it most of today so far and enjoying it. The empty boxes, containers and bottles I gave them is also helping for imaginary play. I am thinking that for Christmas we might dress it up with some curtains, maybe some shelves, table, chairs, etc. It's good to have a place that they can play in outside and invite their friends to play in.

Dancing In The Rain

Just the other night I bought myself a bait trap so that I could use it for my dragons (turning it into an outside terrarium), and today the kids, hubby and I headed down to the creek to look for sticks that might be suitable to stick inside of it. At this stage of the day it was a beautiful, sunny, hot day and looked to remain that way.

As husbands tend to do (well mine at least), he got distracted on our search for sticks. We played billy goat gruff on a bridge over the creek before tramping off through some nearby bush in search of a track. Hubby takes this track while mountain biking. It was still sunny.

Tempura Asparagus

An easy entree

Choc Hazelnut Cream

A great substitute to normal cream as a decoration.

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