The Weekend So Far - Drivel

So far the weekend has been busy, since it started on Friday arvo when hubby left for his insanely long 30 hr LAN. The in-laws hung around yesterday, leaving this morning to head to the LAN. Last night I also had a friend stay over, and silly me had a rest during the day so i was wide awake till after midnight only to be woken up early by the hubby calling me (everyone, including the youngest) was asleep.

The youngest, yesterday, got into her father's energy drink so she was bouncing arond till 10.30pm last night when she was put to bed with a bottle and suitable ignored. She did however, sleep really well.

Today started with the early phonecall, a late breakfast, chatting some with the in-laws and friend before they all left, then housework followed.
All I have left to do today is entertain friend some more when she gets back, hang, fold and put away laundry, bake a birthday cake for sis (23 today she is), work out a present to make for her, try to get some sketching in (think i will have to force myself to do that one), dishes, gardening (if the rain stays away) and entertain 4 kids since there is only sports on tv and I do not really want them in front of the box all day anyhows.

Well, now I will start off this list with washing and mending hubby's pants while giving sis a birthday call.

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