Gardening & Dr Who

Well, time has flown and the school term has almost finished! Yippee!!
Apart from this, the latest season of Dr Who is finished. The last two episodes were amazing and obviously led onto the beginning of the season for next year (or just the Christmas special).
Davids Dr Who Site
There is one more season before David Tennant (The Doctor) takes a break from filming to do live stage production, then it will be 2010 before we see any more of The Doctor. At least we still have one more season to go!

Hubby was a great help yesterday and helped to make the back garden a better place. He dug it over. See his story about digging here
Now that the garden has been dug I will be able to plant in the seedlings I have growing out back. I wish I could just remember which pot held what seedling! They are too young to tell for sure which is which exactly, though I am sure that the ones with the round leaves are the rosella plants (some of which I am giving away)

They are doing well and the dog isn't barking anymore at them except for the occasional bark.

Luke & Lucy are growing well and the colours are just getting better and better with age.
The central netted dragons are pretty much into breeding mode already and I am sure one of the girls is gravid already.


I have learnt more about running/jogging in the last 4 months then I have ever done previously
e.g. better ways of controlling my breathing, how to use my arms, etc

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