Fashion Sense?

Erin's (4) sense of fashion leaves a lot to be desired.
She is wearing - a matching bra and knickers set, boxing gloves, tiara, necklace and cowgirl boots! At least she doesnt have the wedding dress and butterfly wings on anymore! Though it may make more sense!

Head Wounds

Erin, our adventurous 4, almost 5, year old loves to climb all over her bed. It is an old bunk which was converted to a single bed so it has large bed ends.
She was climbing all over it, after having been put to bed, when she fell. This was nothing new and she usually jumps straight back up and starts climbing all over again. This time however, she hit her head on the door to her bedroom and gave herself a nasty gash on the back of her head.
There was blood all over her Cinderella nightie, her pillow and my hands by the time hubby got there to administer his, been there done that, first aid. He did ring a family friend who used to be a nurse to get some helpful advice as to whether we should visit the hospital or not.
Well, it turns out we didn't need to visit the hospital and were able to take care of it at home. Now Erin has a small shaved patch on her head (her curls hide it still though) with steri strips holding the wound closed. I managed to scrub the blood out of the carpet and her nightie successfully and we only had to change the big wrap around the head bandage once during the night.
Today she was fine and obeyed me when I told her she wasn't to run around or do much today. Instead of her normal active self (this morning at least) she sat and beaded and painted. She loves to create so it was a good way of keeping her still also.
When Mercedes spread beads all across the floor (too many to ignore, it was the whole container full), beading time was over and i spent the next 45minutes on my hands and knees picking up beads!

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