If I was born in medieval times I could have been a number of different things but I think I would have turned more towards kitchen duties. I doubt I would have been a noble bred and my only way to have gotten into those levels would have been through a ... lord (who was kicked out due to his behaviour - why do words escape me!), which would have been hubby. I probably would have had 10 kids.
Either that or a fighting girl, dressed in mens clothing and going off to fight some battle. Or a farmer.....maybe not!

A Side Thought With Sunburn

It was a good day overall. I didn't have to make lunch or cook dinner, the kids were entertained most of it, I had extra babysitters, people were friendly, i got after sun gel rubbed into my sun burn and I am getting to go to bed. So, good night!

"Art Class - Part 2"

Today was my second lesson and everyone brought in something they had done previously. Everyone's style was different and the teacher praised everyone's drawings. Some were fantastic drawings.

Today in class we just dealt with speed drawing (refreshed on that), clothing of our character, their shape, form etc. I didn't take as many notes as last time but I know I need to work on lightening my lines that I use and work out what clothes I want to use on my character. I think she will turn out pretty good at the end of it all.

I asked the teacher (this is his first teaching gig and it was voluntary) about future art classes and he has agreed to give, those who want it, his phone number to arrange private classes in the future or just someone we can ask for hints and tips. If I could find some of his work to display I would but I am not sure it is up on the net.

The main picture I showed today (we had to bring our own art, was of a male drow (dark elf).

Happy 7th Birthday Jade

My dear little Jade turns 7 today.
Her birth was by far the easiest and most surprising - 9 contractions and a walk across a hallway.
She has always been a quick one, but she is also tender and delicate but eager to keep up with the boys/friends.
She is a great kid and culd become great in whatever she wants to put her hand to.
She loves her sports, her reading, her computers, cartoons and time alone with either mummy or daddy.

Happy Birthday Jadeen!

The First Of Four

Last night we had the first of four Christmas parties. Last night was only small, being myself, hubby, 4 kids, Grandma and Aunty G. They are going away for Christmas so we weren't having the usual get together on Christmas day. It was fun.

2nd party? This will be on the actual day itself with just us. I expect a possible visit from one of our friends on the day, otherwise it is just a relaxed no plans day (without the trimmimngs unless you count the tree).

3rd party? Is two days after Christmas. We are having a street/friends party at our house. It already proves to be big.

4th party? Is when my dad and step-mum arrive (well a couple of days after that) and we will try to combine it with a child friendly new years eve celebration.

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