First was easter Friday, then came easter Sunday on which my brother-in-law has a birthday and celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary to my sister. Next came easter Monday and hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. 11 years!
I am also celebrating the fact that I have finished, i hope, making his kilt! Pictures to come when he tries it on!

Lucky Escape

My hubby was involved in a motorbike accident on Thursday. Fortunately the only damage to him was a sprained wrist and sore leg. The bike however, that is another story!

How To Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Take laundry off the clothesline wondering if the tiger snake is still around in the rock wall about 4 feet behind you. BTW for those who don't know, a tiger snake is one of the most venemous snakes in the world!

Art Homework

Last Thursday we were given art homework, as per normal. These past few days I have actually had a chance to do some, despite the fact I did most of it while we had visitors over. I know there are some things to be fixed up, but I would like to think that this is a good start. Our last lesson was on shading.

Blogged Mental Note

Blog about hubby's table!

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