Happy Mothers Day

We decided to celebrate a day early, especially since Sunday proves to be a busy one.

My mothers day started about 12.30am last night with having to change the bedsheets and clothes on the toddler since she threw up all over everything. I am not sure how many sheets I changed last night or how much sleep I actually had but I had some weird dreams. At sunrise I brought her into our bed, and fortunately she only did one session of dry wretching and slept most of the time just in her nappy and curled up with me. This is the only time she has ever willingly slept in our bed.

I thought everything had settled so the kids gave me my mothers day pressies (kitchen stuff) and we gave her a bottle of milk. Everything went fine for at least an hour before she was curled up on my freshly showered lap and then promptly threw up all over me....from shoulder to knee.
Now I need to watch her, clean house for a rental inspection on Monday and pretend I have had enough sleep to get through the day.

Note : I didn't go to sleep until 12.15am last night

Day 2 - Turtle Clock

E.D.I.M - Every Day In May
This painting is done in a mix of oils and acrylics, with a real working clock in the top right hand corner.

Every Day In May

As if I didn't have enough to do already. I have just signed up for 'Every Day In May'
This means I have to produce a peice of art each day (plus the last 8 days I have missed since I joined late) for the month of May. The art can be a photo, written work, drawing, painting, collage, etc.
Should be fun!

I hope I can do it...

Forced Nothing

Mercedes was sick today. Well, she had a temp and didn't want to do anything but sleep on or cuddle up to me. I was forced to do nothing for quite a while. She seems to be on the mend now so I can only hope that she goes to sleep soon. It was nice to not be able to do much for a while, and it helped that the elder three were busy playing with a friend, in the front yard.

Pure Graphite

I really like the way a pure graphite pencil feels in your hands as you are either drawing or writing. There is no wood in this pencil. You can't get anything but quality (well I hope so). It is a really great pencil, and it also comes in a variety of softnesses also (eg: HB, 2B, etc). I currently only have a HB but it is great for drafting pictures, the weight of it making the drawing so much easier to control, or so it seems.
I just drew some great ovals on a painting I am putting together.
Faber-Castell has a great wood free, pure graphite, pencil.

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