A Few Things Before Breakfast

30 years ago my mum wasn't even in labour and nor was I born. That happened in the arvo.
Apart from that my Merc has been cute and drawing on my hands and drawing little pictures on my note pad. She also took off singing and dancing when a song came on (Roses Are Red by Aqua - I think)
The best bit about this morning....everyone SLEPT IN!!! even the baby who has been getting up not long after sunrise lately.
I am just getting a dance show from Erin, received a card and help from Miranda (Miranda made the card herself with a little help from a friend) and Jade gave me a kiss on the cheek.
Pretty good morning so far.

Here, I think!

I had part of my big toe nail removed right to the bone today. That was pretty good and interesting to watch it happen.
When I got home I took some prescribed pain relief and the effects are good (relieving pain that is), though my head feels rather dizzy, I am tired and wouldn't even risk putting a chook in the oven because things would probably move on me.
Hubby came home from work early (last day at this contract for a few months) and that has helped. He is looking after kids and doing dinner now while we wait for the girls friend to arrive for the sleep over.
Wow I feel strange, and can't wait to look at the pictures I drew (during tablet inflicted weirdness) when I have a clear head.
I think they turned out all right, but i won't scan them in until I have a clear head and know I won't fumble.
Lots of pics to come tomorrow, I think.

And a big sorry to those in the e-course as I have not yet posted or emailed the latest installment.


Today I went to the local stationary & art shop and bought 3 pencils and 1 sharpener for $11.45.
The pencils are really nice. .Poloychromos pencils

I also picked up a couple of schedule and rule books for the upcoming local show. I might try my luck in entering in it.

A Few Notes

The kids had their yearly optomertrist appointment today.
This is how they fared

Erin - She is a visual learner and should, possibly, see a speach therapist. We need to be careful what she watches as it will stay longer with her then the others.

Jade - She needs to relax her eyesight from close up work by focusing on something in the far distance, or she will end up short sighted. She also has trouble with her left and rights.

Miranda - Has improved heaps since her last visit (hand eye co-ordination) and no new news there.

Merc - Too young so she played with lego and watched a video

Mothers Day - Take 2

Sunday was a much better day then Saturday:

  • Merc slept all night and then slept in
  • The park brunch was nice
  • The weather was warm
  • The house work was done quickly and easily
  • Dinner turned out
  • The guests were happy and well fed
  • We had leftovers
  • I almost won diminishing wist

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