Back To My Desk

Well, my PC is up and running, the new one that is. A big thanks to hubby who helped in that process.
Now all I need to do is finish sorting out my desk and moving most of it into the cupboard I purchased on the weekend. That and do work!
Lots has happened and right now I am going to relax, as I try to do on a Monday night.
I am also planning on attempting to finish off Katherine Kerr's book - The Gold Falcon. I am yet to work out where the gold falcon is in all of this and I am almost finished the book. This book is the 12th book in the series and there are still two more to go before the end. It shall be interesting.
Enough rambling for now, time to relax and read before I fall asleep.

Show Time

This past week the kids and I have been working at getting our entries ready for the local show. I entered 2 pictures and a date loaf while Miranda entered chocolate fudge and marshmallows, and Jade entered Anzac cookies and a picture she drew and coloured.
We took all of that up there during the week so that they could be judged. Since we were new comers to the show we weren't too sure how to do things, at the last minute we were stuffing pictures into frames and covering ice cream lids with wrapping paper to make them look pretty. The wrapping paper was unneccessary!
The outcome of our entries was as follows
Miranda received 3rd for her chocolate fudge (it was an open age group)
I received a highly commended certificate for my picture of Erin.
I was really happy about that considering some of the portraits that it was up against. I will have to work on my techniques for next year. Now all I need to do is find an art teacher that fits into my routine or study that book i got for my birthday, the one of facial drawing. (And find the time)
Jade was a little upset that her entries did not win anything but I did buy her a special blue stone as appreciation for a job well done. She did a marvelous job and now we know more so that we can enter again next year.
Apart from this, we had a good time at the show and met up with friends. The light splattering of rain kept the crowds away so going places was easy, unless you were in sideshow alley of course!


You know you have a laundry problem when you have to apologise for the house being in a mess because you were doing laundry!

Burst The Bubble

I feel like I have burst the bubble, reached the top of the hill, can see the end in site.
The kids I have jumped around to loud music with lots of beat and giggles. I am chilling/squirming to the music right now, befor ei Have to put them to bed.
Busy day tomorrow though, should be fun. Will meet lots of new people, etc.
I feel good and I am not taking anything for it.
I burst the bubble!!!
I think?


On Monday, hubby had a radioactive iodine treatment for his thyroid done, so he couldn't come home. Tuesday (today)he went up to the coal mines and will be there until Friday. When he does come home we still have to keep our distance from him. We are lucky that this weekend is a busy one. We have a guest staying on Friday night, possibly Saturday night also, he has his LAN all day Saturday and Sunday morning the kids and I are heading to the markets to see if we can spend my birthday money.
Sometimes it is hard, knowing he isn't going to be here at night times. It isn't the physical break but more the mental break away from 10 and under.
I could use those nights to work, and I most likely will, but there is nothing else. I am not going to go out or have people over simply because the kids need to go to sleep and not be distracted by guests.
I guess I have just gotta get used to it as this is only the beginning (second week actually) of his north west wards travels. He even talked of possibly more contracts out that way after this one finishes. No need for a second vehicle if that is the case.
Anyhow, we are coping, and still getting used to it. Only 4 or so weeks till winter holidays.

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