Medieval Tournament

I was beginning to wonder if anyone else would be turning up in costume, or if we would stick out like a sore thumb. Well, there was plenty of people in mundane wear and plenty in costume also. We were asked, a couple of times, for directions around the place due to our costumes and I even had one lady take my photo.
The day was good, too crowded and not long enough, but I was exhausted from all the crowd dodging and walking all over the place. The crowds were what really got me especially when it came to watching the main events (jousting, turkish oil wrestling). The kids and I missed both of them due to not being able to get through the crowds nor see over them.
Overall it was a good day though. Unfortunately the pic wasn't taken until the end of the day so we weren't fresh looking but grubby and ready for home.

Medieval Makeover - #1

We are attending a medieval tournament on the weekend so I have taken on the task to turn bed sheets, scrounged up scraps and old costumes into new and accurate (well, trying sorta) costumes for the family.
So far I have:
- cut and sewn my under dress
- altered an old but too small under dress of mine to fit my eldest
- cut and sewn Erin's under dress
- cut out Jade's under dress

I have one more under dress to go, or I might just make an under tunic since it is for Merc. I also need to hunt up and hope I haven't disposed of some old tunics of hubby's.

Once that is out of way I have over dresses, pants and tunics to make up. Shouldn't take more then a day and a half.

The kids also want to make shields since we missed out on doing that today.

Today is another story and I am too tired to talk about it now, so that shall happen when i break away from sewing.

Oh, and my light bulb on my sewing machine busted today. I think I will borrow Miranda's desk lamp for a while.

Much Calmer Now!

My rant and rave, despite the lack of actual words said did help to calm me, and the cute giggles of Merc. She has been very clingy and cuddly since she woke up. I think she was upset that I might leave her again. (I went out for an hour this morning, on my own!!!)
I also managed to fold laundry, put most of it away and even tidy up out WIR.
Dinner is getting made and the table is all set fancy (fancy for us anyhow, it has a table cloth and the table underneath is clean!!!) Maybe I can get out of dishes also tonight!
Well, time to get back to real life and stop hiding.


Hectic, slow, too fast, not enough, too much, frustrating, controlling, awkward and relaxing. They are some of the words that describe my life right now.
Sometimes I want to yell at people to stop butting in, sometimes I do yell at people. Most of the time I don't. Sometimes it feels like others are trying to rule my life, making decisions in my name without me even knowing about it, and then telling other people this is what we have decided. I just want to be myself.
It is the holidays at the moment so I guess I have that going for me. I have built up a database with a heap of previous lessons in it, this will make my life easier. I have almost cleared the laundry of laundry. The mountains of dishes have been done (with a little help...sometimes it pays to ignore the work until someone else does it for you)
I had a heap of stuff running through my head, which I wanted to write up but then I got to posting pictures and relaxed, calmed some and flopped!
Time to get to folding laundry I guess. Maybe tonight, before I make the bed with fresh sheets will I do some drawing. Maybe... We will see what happens, cause it is something I like to do without people looking over my shoulder.
Time to get back to work.
At least I don't have to cook dinner tonight!

Taking a Break

Taking a break from the speedway that is my life. Occasionally it is full on with no breaks and then in the off season it collects dust. I wonder when the off season will begin?
This Friday my in-laws arrive and from then on it is non-stop, not that life isn't non-stop at the moment anyhow.
Friday - In-laws and hubby arrive home
Sat - Bomber excursion and aromatherapy party
Sun - birthday party for Miranda
Mon - actual birthday
Tues - city for the day, if it is fine
Wed - nothing yet but who knows
Thurs - nursery excursion

In amongst all of that there is the prepping for each day and other miscellaneous things like grocery shopping, sleep, and housework.
I am glad that they came during the school holidays, though I would have liked to have had some school holidays this time around.

Lots has happened, lots of good and little of bad but I never think about writing them down here. Even my drawing this month has suffered since I haven't even taken the time to really sit down and draw and if I have found the time I have lacked the patience.

By the way : Did you see the final of survivor? I didn't and then I only saw the odd few episodes during this last season of the show, due to the awful night that it was on (the only one i am out on during the week).

Well back to the grind stone and lamington making.

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