Today I have scrubbed half of the walls in the house, made 4 dozen choc chip cookies, done 2 loads of laundry, made a gluten free honey cake, changed a couple of nappies, tried to amuse a 10 yr old, and helped tidy up the young ones room.
I am sure there is more to it, but I do know there is more to come.
I have a card to make, kids' hair to wash and a walk to the chip shop for an easy dinner (well not easy but one i know the kids will actually eat), plus the possibility of watching 'The Princess Bride' with the kids also.
I may sweep the floor also (more then likely I will, it needs it).
Tomorrow will be another fun filled day of household chores and cooking as I prepare for homegroup tomorrow night. At least the cake is being cooked today.
Tomorrow night's menu is - rice pasta, lasagna, roast potatoes, and honey cake. Maybe the coconut macaroons will feature also, along with the choc chip cookies.
Now it is time to post this and go and change a stinky nappy.

Grandpa & Me

My grandfather came for a visit a couple of days ago. It was a nice break to the routine and gave us an excuse to take the afternoon of of schoolwork.
My grandfather became a widow, almost 2 years ago, and has found it hard at times being away from family, so he goes visiting, or on holidays. This is my thinking anyhow.
He was down this time because he had to see an eye specialist (due to a slight oil burn on his eye) but all seems to be going well and apart from that he is in as good health as you would expect for someone of his age. While he was here, he counted up his great-grandchildren and they numbered at 10.
It was good to see him and he seems to have plenty of life left in him yet, plus he has planned a trip to New Zealand for October.
My sister, who was driving him around between appointments, also stopped in to visit. She is 6 months pregnant with her first kid and is only really just starting to show.

Climbing The Mountain

I am climbing the mountain that is my life and the top is no where in sight yet. It is a high mountain, or maybe it is just covered in clouds too thick to see through.

I think of things I want to and should write down here but the mountain reminds me just where I am and that I need to keep climbing, or in the case of my youngest, the mountain goat, she just makes things more difficult.

There is only so often that climbing out of her cot is funny or cute. There is only so often that drawing on yourself can be cute.

Sometimes I yell from the mountainside but I am sure my baggage carriers are upwind of the noise and therefore they miss the important instructions that could bring them happiness, even if it is only a small amount.

The leader of our party is often off on his own adventures with his latest toy in hand while trying to lead the party but not really sure where they are or what they are doing, or wanting to know what they are doing.

The sun does shine through the clouds and the ice gives way to solid rock, where a flower or two bloom, breaking up the bleakness of the mountainside, making it enjoyable, if only for a moment, before we move on. It is those flowers that I enjoy but forget to make a record of so that I can enjoy them again at a later date.

I think I am ready to visit that chalet up on the next ridge, just to see what they can offer me in terms of relief.

Him Vs Her

He likes to shop, she doesn't.
He bought 'technology', she bought a blueberry bush and wants a larger reptile tank for the skinks
Her costs are minimal compared to his
Gee, men are expensive to keep!
Boys and their toys!

Back To Normal

Life has come back to it's regular school pattern, not slowly but with force. I am not ready for it! Where did the holidays go? Are holidays really just so that you can do all those things you wouldn't normally do? Like dig the garden, entertain heaps of people. (I think I am already ready for another holiday!)
Tonight is girls brigade night, with it's mail run and fast food visit (so the kids can play and I can try to draw). Tomorrow will be more school, working out how I am gonna put together the next set of e-courses (started that a week ago), trying to make food they will eat and thinking the weekend is too far away.
On the plus side, the more days that go by the closer I am to having an actual date night (i.e. no computers or phones) with hubby. We are going to the opera!
Enough said, time to throw together dinner, hope it is cooked enough and that it will be eaten.
Back to normality!

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