Life as we know it can be difficult at times. Yesterday was one of those that felt partly out of control until all of the kids were asleep.

I am not sure what did it but they were all pretty crazy and mucked up a lot (back chatting, fighting, ignoring, etc). It took ages to get them to sleep (at least the younger two anyhow) last night also.

They were the main part of my difficulties.

Hubby was the other part. I am not sure if it is his thyroid or not but he was easy to bite and majorly testy. When he left for the 30 hr LAN I was glad that was one less unhappy mood I had to deal with. I told him to come home happy! I did have to call him at one stage about the air con leaking and since I was unable to do what he wanted and asked him to, he was not too happy and said it could be left till tomorrow.

Apart from the bad stuff, we did go over the other side of the city on an errand to pick up some computer parts. While on the other side of the city we visited 'Pet City'. It was pretty good, with lots of fish, salt and freshwater. Last time hubby was there they had a heap of reptiles but this time there was only a handful of baby skinks and bearded dragons, and a few turtles. They did have some birds, guinea pigs, snake food (mice and rats and day old chickens, all alive), puppies and kittens.

We had lunch out and since the kids didn't play in the playground I think there was excess energy built up from the hungry jacks lunch that was released in kids mucking up.

Accomplished Today

Today I accomplished a few small things
- repotted the pommegranite seedlings
- potted the rosella seeds and some luffa seeds
- did 1 load of laundry
- am successfully keeping my dragon eggs at a stable temp
- made 1 recipe from my currently in progress e-course
- got ideas for some of the e-course
- surfed my fav reptile forum (
- dishes
- hopefully made the other dragon tank private enough that she will lay her eggs
- worked out there are approximately 55 days left till the eggs hatch

So far there is still a few things left to do but that may change since hubby is now sick. That means tomorrow may be spent at home! Which could be beneficial as I am waiting for eggs to arrive! Any day now.

Excited over the small things

Today I got excited over the small things.
Some of those small things were:
- that petrol was 100.9/litre (minus 4cents per litre discount)
- Erin was great at having her immunisation
- the doctor I saw today was better then the doctor i saw last night for Mercedes (the doctor last night was just strange!)
- Erin helped me to remember the aloe vera I had in the back yard
- her giving it to me gave me an idea which I researched on the net and then put into action
- the aloe vera seems to have helped tremendously with Merc's conjunctivitis and she has been able to open her eyes for the first time in 2 days, tonight
- we had pizza for dinner (no cooking for me)
- my sis is getting closer to having her baby, the head is engaged

I am sure there will be more to come tonight

What I have achieved today!

After the exhaustion of a couple of days ago I have achieved more then that day. (I had a good solid sleep and was fine the next day)
Today, so far, I have achieved (and it isn't even lunch time yet):
- finished off honeydew melon sorbet (YUM!)
- planned out e-course recipes (hardest part)
- done a load of laundry (dirty clothes basket is empty)
- disposed of a mouse caught in a mouse trap
- plaited Merc's hair (2 plaits, so cute!)
- planned out my afternoon (busy times ahead, including a trip to the dump)
- made sick Erin happy with a little blush and lipstick
- gotten Jade to do a massive 4 pages of schoolwork (still has 2 to go)
- taken hubby to the train station

and probably a heap of other stuff I can't think of right now.
This afternoon's plans are
- dump
- pick up breadmaker
- mail
- get sewing machine checked out
- buy birthday pressies for multiple birthdays
- buy stuff to fill shoeboxes
- groceries
- pick up hubby
- create
- work 4 hours on e-courses

I think that is about it. Not sure though....time to get moving with lunch and packing the car.

Life As It Is

My life lately seems to be very busy. If it isn't physically busy then it is mentally busy and I seem to be fatigued by it all. For example, this month of October each weekend has been filled up with commitment after commitment. We have had, and will have, at least 1 birthday party a week, and sometimes those parties have been/had 2 birthdays combined into one. These aren't physically draining but mentally, especially for an introvert like me!

I have also started to make myself do some exercise each day with the minimum being sit-ups and push-ups. I keep doing them until I can't do anymore, and at the moment that is not a lot! I have 1 year to get myself in order for hubby's 40th birthday.

My cookery courses are still plodding along and soon I will hopefully be in negotiation talks that will make it bigger and better and give me more incentive to work with it.

The kids started swimming lessons today. They had a blast and what was even better was the fact that some friends of theirs (whom just started home schooling also) joined in the swimming lessons. We went back to our friends' home to join in a funeral for a guinea pig, make dinner and just chat. They are a great family.

I have ordered some rosella seeds and am now waiting for their bank details so I can finalise it all. It will be good to have rosella fruit as then we will be able to make jams, cordials, etc. Yum! If the kids do not like them then I do not mind at all.

Only 1 month to go before our baby beardeds arrive. Well, roughly a month as we are still waiting for them to hatch.

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