Real Estate Update

I rang them, not them ringing me, and asked when someone was going to be coming around today.
Apparently the lady turned up around 10am this morning and the house was completely shut up and she knocked and knocked. Not one single one of us (the 4 kids and I) heard her. The dog didn't even bark and she is better then a door bell anytime.
To set the records straight, we were home all day, about 5m from the front door working (school, work etc) and no one turned up. We have had music playing all day and the screen door was the only door shut also. Either she got the houses wrong or thought that she was knocking.
What this means now is that the inspection needs to be rescheduled. I can imagine it happening next Monday (better not be Tuesday as I won't be home that day) and I will have to spend mother's day cleaning!

Feet & clothes

Between my back (scholiosis) and feet I could be in for an expensive podiatry bill.
My feet are flat, and need orthotics to alleviate shin splints while I run. These orthotics will be expensive and with everything that goes along with them it could cost up to $600. We do have insurance which will cover some of it (up to $400 per year) so we will still have a hefty bill to pay.

Apart from feet, why are the clothes in the shops so terrible? They are the thin in between season wear stuff that won't keep you warm but won't keep you cool (still summer temps here and we are 1 month into autumn) I did get a couple of shirts but they are mainly sports wear.


Tuesday was a busy day in my normally busy lifestyle. (I really enjoyed the holidays when there was no extra curricular stuff)
The day started with dropping Miranda at card classes late, and then up to the running tracks for some practice with Jade. Erin and Merc joined in and played around. Aunty Jo and her bubs came to visit us while we were at the park/sports oval. The kids played at the park and then went over to feed the ducks with some bread they were given by other people.
On the way to pick up some material, the car started making a strange sound from one of the tyres. It sounded like I had a flat tyre but didn't drive like I had one. I had to pull over 3 times before I found out the culprit (a wad of tape stuck to the front right tyre)
Then it was off to pick up some material for Jade, Erin and Merc.
Late to picking up Miranda and home again.
We were only home for 3.5hrs before heading out for girls brigade, first for Erin's 5pm class, then at 6.30pm for Miranda and Jade's class.
They say they have to start early since they will have 4 yr olds joining and a 8pm finish time is too late for them. At the moment it is only two 5yr olds in the class.
Back home at 9pm and all the kids to bed (even the hyperactive almost 3yr old), a catch up on emails, a quick chat on a reptile chat then off to bed.


Only 3 days till I get my baby snakes.

A Good Day

I have had a good day today, mainly because hubby has looked after the kids for a good portion of the day.

I got to go out and actually concentrate on what I was doing. I was looking through a pattern book to find some patterns I wanted. The patterns were also 50% off so that was an extra bonus. I picked up some nice material to make a dress and a skirt also.

After that I headed down to Redcliffe to pick up some fish food and have a chat to mum, on the phone, before i left to head home.

I thought about how I am glad that I do not need to carry that big bag anymore. The bag would contain at least 2 clean nappies, 1 or 2 changes of clothes for the younger two, a drawing pad, pencils, and a whole heap of stuff I didn't actually use. Now I do with a small purse that can hold my purse, phone and keys.

We also went to the park this arvo. Hubby took down merc in the car while i rode my bike with jade and erin on theirs. Erin must have been tired or something as she wasn't too happy and had quite a few stops which is not like her. She went home in the car while Jade and I went cross country to get home.

At home Jade helped me to make dinner. She did the salad.

Today, we also had 2 baby dragons hatch and they are now in the baby enclosure. I am not sure the other 4 eggs will hatch as they came out of the box which merc had tipped up twice. I hope they are just late hatchers and not dead. The other 9 eggs still look good though.


- potted up seeds with kids help
- hubby's good shorts soaking to get out 'dirt' marks
- laundry washing and hung
- dragons advertised, emails answered
- cleaned fishtanks
- sold 2 baby central netted dragons
- pantry cleaned and restacked
- hubby's shorts cleaned as good as i can get them
- helped jade wash her good dress
- took out jade's old earrings and put in her new ones

more to come later, I am sure of it

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