The past week in review

Wednesday - I came down with a terrible head cold. My sinuses were blocked, my head ached and my throat was pretty sore. I didn't make it to the gym that night, probably just as well.

Thursday - I think I survived on strepsil's that day. I did get a breather though when i left the kids with grandma so that I could do the groceries undisturbed! I think it is cheaper to do the groceries with the kids in tow, since then I do not get the chance to look at anything in great detail. It was also family night so we played some games with the kids, and then hubby and I sat down to watch some stuff on the screen.

Friday - The headcold reached it's peak and I called an early end to our day out in the city. We had gone to the city to meet hubby for lunch, then it was off to the museum for a look around (so we could call it a school excursion). The museum is not a great place to go when all your 3 yr old wants to do is climb over the museum's tiny fence (which sets off the alarms) and be one with the stuffed snakes! We did have a nice ride back on the city cat though, the cold breeze was refreshing.

Saturday - I gave in and bought myself some cold and flu tablets, natural ones. These worked great! That afternoon I had a 3 hr nap, which I think I needed, but then I couldn't sleep properly that night, and the valerian in the night tablets didn't work either. At least I felt rested the next morning.

Something Worth Saying

It is raining outside! Not enough to fill the dams but enough to water this parched ground. It would be great if it turned into a stormy wet day.


Whateverings is the name of a blog by Paula J. Becker.

She is a awesome cartoonist and you should all go over and check out her work.

((If my hubby was home then I would know how to put up a picture she sketched. My suggestion was the busy mum)


I am so tired!
Too many late nights, and a restless toddler.

Merc is put out by having Grandma here with us. I hope she adjusts soon. Or she may be coming down with a cold. She has had a snuffly nose today and yesterday, but nothing I could call a cold yet.

Things will get better once we all have some good rest.

Reminder: Buy eucalyptus oil!

Linen Parties

Today I went to a linen party. The stuff there was really nice and I would have liked to have bought some stuff but couldn't really justify spending money on things we already have. There was some nice stuff that we could get for the kids. The prices were pretty good considering what I have seen in the major retail outlets.

Apart from the linen, and knowing I wasn't going to be able to buy anything (I think that was the reptiles fault and the fact that they need special lights if we keep them inside), it was a good time. There were over 30 kids there though you wouldn't know it because their yard was full of wonderful things to keep the kids occupied, and there was just a lot of kids to play with.

There was also lots of treats for arvo tea (I brought the pineapple cheesecake and baklava) and the men got to hang out together and do/talk blokey stuff.

It was a good afternoon.

My hubby thought a linen party was about linen skirts, not things like towels, bed sheets, etc. This was because most of the stuff on display was hung up on coat hangers.

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