Day 1 - Erin (Yet Again)

My first submission for 'Every Day'

Pure Graphite

I really like the way a pure graphite pencil feels in your hands as you are either drawing or writing. There is no wood in this pencil. You can't get anything but quality (well I hope so). It is a really great pencil, and it also comes in a variety of softnesses also (eg: HB, 2B, etc). I currently only have a HB but it is great for drafting pictures, the weight of it making the drawing so much easier to control, or so it seems.
I just drew some great ovals on a painting I am putting together.
Faber-Castell has a great wood free, pure graphite, pencil.

Art Homework

I have finally gotten around to posting some of my art. Well, one picture of my sketches.

Each week we get set homework and this week I actually found time to do it (forgot about the laundry but am remembering it now). This pic is copied from a photo but the emphasis is on the veins as that was what we were practising in art class last week.
This week we do faces. It should be good!

Art Homework

Last Thursday we were given art homework, as per normal. These past few days I have actually had a chance to do some, despite the fact I did most of it while we had visitors over. I know there are some things to be fixed up, but I would like to think that this is a good start. Our last lesson was on shading.

Art Class

Today was the final of the 4 art classes that I signed up for. I can say that I learnt heaps from them and am glad that I decided to try them out.
Our art teacher (Mark Robinson) has decided to continue teaching classes on Thursday nights. This is great because now I can finally do something for me and at the same time improve on my drawing skills. Today we learnt a little on perspective, composition and aesthetic eye/design. When I get a little more sleep I shall be able to put these things into practice and hopefully produce some masterpieces, or at least something that will hang on my walls.

I know where I want to put them, on the feature wall in my office, school, work, computer area. I think a cork board the size of the recess would look good, especially if i had some neat looking pins to put the artwork up with. The kids could even have a section, and it would be a constant reminder of where i could improve, to keep practising, etc etc. I might look into that for a future idea. Possibly tonight, I might look at practising todays lesson, even if it is only rough.

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