Day 15 - Flower Bud

Day 14 - Macadamia Nut

Every Day In May Update

Slack, that is all I can say. I have been slack in producing pictures Every Day In May. Some days I don't even drag out a pencil and put it to paper other then to write myself a to-do note. Some days, like last Friday and Saturday, when I had to rest my foot post-surgery, I did three big pics.
So far this week I have started a big pic, done a little shading on it and felt like I was far too busy to do anything else. And I have been slack in scanning also. As it is now, 9.41pm at night I am still working but I am almost finished. I want to reward myself with some drawing time tonight before my time gets caught up again with work, kids and household stuff (any visiting a chicken farm).
Soon, very soon, I shall be putting up lots of little pics. Maybe that is what I shall do tonight instead of working on the big pic while I am tired.

Day 13 - Jade With Long Hair

Day 12 - Girl

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