Sunday morning started with a crook morning. E6 was still getting over the vomiting bug she had just had (she sat at the table, with breakfast, not really doing anything), I was feeling crook and the others had head off to church. So i sat E6 in front of a movie while i went back to bed for 90 minutes. When everyone else got home, with lunch and treats I watched them eat lunch (not very hungry).
After that they all went to play the PS2 and I got to work on E6's matching tier skirt. It was very simple to make, just time consuming with the ruffles. She is very happy with it.

When everyone was feeling better, and after a game of settlers, we took off to a park with friends only to have M11 complain of feeling sick and at the moment she felt like throwing up, wanting to hang off me!
We all had fun at the park and the kids caught a tadpole, played with friends and got worn out.
Dinner was bought on the way home, consumed while watching 'Gladiators' (It hasn't changed since I first watched it many eons ago. I am sure the costumes and games are still the same). It was during this that M11 decided to join the ranks of the kids who threw up.
After this we watched 'So you think you can dance'. The dances were pretty cool. I think last night was the most TV I have watched in one go, in a long time.


I hate writing titles as they never seem to fit.
Now times for some updates.

I am still continuing to try new and interesting recipes and making notes on what I am cooking, the changes I make and what it would go well with in preparation for e-courses. E-courses though have been a little slow this year though last year's content still seems to be of interest. I will continue with this as who know s where the future might lead.

Smaug & Sloth (bearded dragons)
They seem to be growing well though Smaug still has his problems. Lately he has been seen to be shaking and with bad eye to mouth co-ordination so I swapped him to a different enclosure with a different light. Since going into this enclosure, he has brightened up in colour, as has sloth, become a happier dragon with a better appetite. Sloth, is still going great though and I have no problems with her except that she doesn't like to eat in front of people.

Central Netted Dragons
Well they are a little fat but that will work well with the coming cool months when they should hibernate or at least become less active. Sleepy is growing well and looks like his dad (small boss). He still has sight difficulties but it doesn't stop him from doing anything either. The only thing that makes me think, is if it is a male or female!



A black cockatoo mates for life. We used to have a pair in the area. You never saw them very often, and the last time I saw them was around the time that a mini tornado ripped through the area in November last year.

Lately we have seen one flying around the area calling out as it flies. It strikes me as if it is lonely and calling for it's mate. I could be wrong. It's mate could be elsewhere or it may just be an offspring from the pair I saw last year. Still, it is a majestic bird, huge in size and very beautiful.

"Number 2 & The Zoo"

On Sunday (new Years Day), Jade was doing tricks at the park, on the swing. You can probably imagine what happened. She fell off into the bark below it and came up cringing. I was filming her tricks when she fell so it is all on camera and I won't be putting it up on the site either.
Well, Jade hurt her arm and at the time it didn't look too bad and we put her into a sling. Jade being the person that she is, with a high pain tolerance, didn't make too much of a fuss about it once the initial pain wore off. It wasn't until I showed hubby the video that we decided she needed to go to the doctors. He has more experience then me in the broken bones department (I have only had a broken little toe, he has had too many to count).

Today, 2 days later when things were open, we headed to our doctor and after most of the day spent in cars or in waiting rooms (did I mention that our doctor is at least 30 minutes drive away?) we found out that she had a bone splinter on her right elbow and all we can do for it is keep it in the sling for 3 weeks to give it a chance to heal up. She had a fantastic attitude about it all and took it all in her stride.

The Zoo, is what we did yesterday.

My Morning Walk - 18 Dec 2005

As I was out on my morning walk (last Sunday morning of delivering catalogues) I saw a baby lorikeet. It sqwarked like a baby and had not yet grown all of it's flight feathers. It was hopping across the ground and could only manage to fly about 2 feet. It was gorgeous. I was tempted to try and find it's nest but due to the amount of trees around the place (and the fact that it's parents seemed to be around) I did not know where to start. I had to leave it where it was and go on my way.

It was still a pretty cool sight and it was the first real baby lorikeet I had seen in the 'wild'.

Note: This picture was taken at the beginning of the year of a rainbow lorikeet that was busy showing off for the camera.

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