WIP - Berries

(Click to see a better picture)

This is my latest piece which I started at art class today. I spent at least an hour drawing the berries, as pre-lim sketches and they still weren't right. I fixed them up just a few minutes ago though and I am happy with how they look so far. I spent the rest of my class time doing coloured pencil swatches on a piece of paper of the same quality as the one I am drawing on, as well as mixing the colours (one over the other) to get them just right. For the blackberry, it only needed two goes at getting the colour right. The raspberry needed a few more tries then that. The cherry and strawberry were easy as I was getting the hang on this by now. The cherry stem only required two goes and that was mainly due to the thickness of the dark colour line.

I may start adding colour onto it this week, though I do want to get onto some more sewing if I can.

I finally finished J9's good pants. They are made of a heavy duty cotton, brown with a pink stripe down either outer side and pink hidden side pockets. It also has an elastic waist as she is really into the easy on type pants. She likes it, which is great! This means it will get worn.

Some other projects I want to get done - fix up my brown satin pj's (need to take them in), make a sports shirt, long sleeve charcoal top, knickers.......

The list goes on and on, some things stay the same, and some change.

Most of my free time has been taken up with Wii lately and depending on my balancing skill it depends on what age I get given. I have been 22yrs right up to 43yrs old!

And I have a sore shoulder now from playing baseball on Wii sports (maybe other sports also). I think I played a little too vigorously.

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