A Duck's Head

Yesterday was a good day for progress. I felt like I accomplished a lot. We spent the morning out running errands (and buying material) and in the afternoon the girls cleaned up and folded the laundry. We had a filling dinner of bangers & mash topped with cheese sauce (we had other veggies of course). Kids went to bed well and it gave me time to do the book keeping work I do for a client.
Today has been a good day also. I started off the morning with a 2hr art class (great bunch there and reminds me of homeschooling a little as it is all self paced and everyone is at different levels). I followed this up with a 'quick' trip to Spotlight (more material, needles, etc) and Bunnings (toilet roll holder). Came home to make lunch for the boys (they really enjoyed that) followed by M4 hailing down the home ice cream van so that daddy could spend some of his money on it.
I have done no housework so far today and am enjoying it so far. I will have to do dishes and laundry soon though and encourage the girls to tidy up the floor.
So, over the past 1.5days I have done, for
home: part cleaned out the pantry, removed some things i consider rubbish from around the house, general chores, make the decision to cover some cushions with pillow slip type covers (the only reason I went to spotlight was to buy needles, but came home with a 'fill a bag for $5' and some felt, and strawberry material)
Fitness: dunno but i walked briskly to and from the parking building to the art class, maybe something later. I will have to mow this Sunday if the weather stays dry.
Health: Small meals compared to normal, and I did art class which was something i enjoyed, which makes me happier which means I am more relaxed, less stressed, which is beneficial to your health.

I think August will be spring clean month as I can already see all teh things that need to be done then
e.g. incubator testing, preparing reptile enclosures for breeding, guinea pigs(!), general tidying up, more sewing and sketching projects. Ummmmm more I am sure but they are probably more uninteresting then this list so far.


Your duck is so pretty! I

Your duck is so pretty! I really wouldn't care if my house was not looking "home and garden" magazine style, if I could draw like that! :-)

Thanks. My house is

My house is definately not house & garden style. I guess the creative sorts are meant to be messy. Aren't they?
But thanks, I am just hoping the rest of the duck will work out as well as the head does.

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