M11's Hoody

M11 finished her hoody for the local show tonight. It is a good piece of work for her first piece of clothing sewn. I think I will start her on something else soon, but not until after the show has finished.

There was a big learning curve here for both of us. I am trying to control my want of taking over the situation and doing it myself, because I am quicker, and her learning to use the machine and sew different types of things. I will get there eventually, I know I will.

When the hoody was completed we realised that the neck line was too large so we gathered it in a little. The finish on it then wasn't too great so we added in the small butterfly at the gathering spot. I think it looks great and just gives it that better look.

I hope the girls do well with their sewing at the local show. They have spent a lot of time getting things done and ready. They are planning on doing cooking also and I am starting E6 tomorrow on that with her rosella jam. Even if it doesn't win a place, we will certainly enjoy eating it!

All this sewing and cooking is good for the girls as they are learning and realising things like maths and english play a big part of our lives outside of their schoolwork.


fantastic work Miranda - i

fantastic work Miranda - i can see how excited you are at what you created - well done

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